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CRACKED-Capo Capo Capo Capo Capo Capo-CRACKED

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Early Run(?) Cannondale Capo 56cm.

Nitton Bullhorns wrapped in cloth tape, Dimension stem flipped, Salsa brake lever

Cannondale Slice Carbon, FSA, Tektro brake

Was Deep V to Formula Hub, now Aerospoke, Maxxis Detonator

Deep V to Formula Fixed/Fixed Hub, Maxxis Detonator

Sugino standard. Shimano bottom bracket maybe

Random , it feels nice. No idea about the seat post

MKS Track, Forgot who made the clips.KMC, soon to be blue KMC..

48x14/17 - then 49:14/17 and before it broke 49/16

Was work bike, cracked it at the weld where the top tube meets the seat tube. Sucks balls, but I've got something nicer now.

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ur cannondale

can me or my friend buy the frame, if so for how much

Not Cannondale

Crack and Fail

nice 1500g front wheel, bet

nice 1500g front wheel, bet your gf thinks that looks real kool, but those who know, know youd be better off with a spoked clincher, it would at least save you about 400dollars and 400grams

Oh shut up.

That argument is dead. Weight is not that important, especially on a street ride. Ass.

I also didn't pay 400 bucks for my Arrospok. Anyone who does is an idiot.

I'm sure a bunch of people think it looks cool, which is nice, but i bought it cause it's strong as fuck... and it looked good while being strong as fuck. So meh.

If I had a spoked clincher when a Chevy Tahoe ran over my front wheel a couple months ago, I think id be out another 300 or so bucks and would have a nice wheel hangin in my room with a tire imprint on the spokes.


maybe if sprint with a smoother pedal stroke, your front wheel would stay grounded. try sprinting on rollers, it'll help your form a lot. your capo is really nice.


I've cleaned my sprinting up a bit since I posted this. And I've been utilizing the Nitto's drops for climbing and sprinting (I love these bars, ordering some syntaces to either put on this or for my next build, an Affinity). I don't lift the wheel much at all anymore.

And thanks!

It actually looks a bit different now. The detonators SUCk as a rear tire. I got 4 flats within two weeks on the back, ive got a refuse on now. The Aerospoke has been painted on as well as the tube pad. I'll throw picks up soon.

I've also changned to 49:17, made pretty much no difference whatsoever so I'm gonna do one last change up before I probably change it to a singlespeed when I build up my Affinity as my main track. I'll be switching between 53:17/18/19. With that surly dual cog thingamajig...

new pics to come.

whered u find a silver capo?

whered u find a silver capo? looks real dope.


found you

Lawrence! What's

Lawrence! What's crackin?

Also, fuck 48x14 in the winter. Need that energy to stay warm. I'll go back to it come spring time. It's now brakeless and 48/17 again.

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