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Bike tags: Fixed gear | pink | sekine
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Cinelli - Cinelli

Velocity | White | Laced to | Formula Hub |

Velocity | Black | Laced to | Gran Compe Hub |

Sugino Messenger - Old

From me childhood bike

Old Skool Pedals - Izumi Chain


Picked up the frame after watching it rust for 2 months out in the wild. If anyone out there knows which company used heart braze-ons, as shown in one of the pictures, please let me know! Just added some sweet white and blue vinyl decals on the down tube will post pictures eventually.

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I would like to say it is a Sekine. It looks to have the same BB cups as mine does. It is a very proprietary design. The shell would measure about 70mm but with english threads. Also The fixed cup has a lockring-style flange on it to install accompanied an oversized lockring on the adjustable side. Is there a spacer between the lockring and the BB shell?
But overall that is a 70's Japanese fork rake and that little chrome plate on the fork crown is another Japanese clue.
They did use a heart braze-on for some of their DT shifters. However it may be a could be a Canadian made Sekine.

I could be wrong, post up some photos of the head and seat lugs, and I would be interested to see the drive side dropout.

I've got what looks to be a similar bike in the same color.



Here are the best available pictures I have at my disposal, I hope they are good enough.

Definitly Japanese

All signs say Japanese. Many manufactures looked the same and used the same components like that headset, but those smooth head lugs were a big trait of the Sekine bicycles.
I posted a photo of my fixed cup and you can see if yours is the same. Not all Sekine's had them like this but most of there upper middle grade bikes did, usually sporting Tange DB Tubing and forged dropouts making it a definit worthwhile frame.



An Italian MFR uses the BB Italian threaded?

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