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The White Stallion

Bike tags: Track bike | Bareknuckle | bling | cocaine | fixed | more tags >>
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EAI Bareknuckle custom powdercoated sparkly white

3TTT Peni... Mutant with sparkly white powdercoated 42cm Soma Major Taylors

EAI Bareknuckle stock fork with Campag Chorus threadless HS

28spoke 2X Phil LF Fixed/Fixed on Orange Velocity machined deep-V with white Vittoria Rubino 700x20

28spoke 2X Phil LF on Orange Velocity machined Deep-V with white Vittoria Rubino 700x20

165 Galli Pista cranks with 49t Sugino Mighty Comp ring on Campag Veloce 109mm bb

(Formerly) White Selle Turbo on a Campag Chorus Aero

MKS track Sylvans with MKS clips and MKS double straps with HKK Vertex chain

17/18t EAI cogs with Phil Lockrings. Velox bar plugs, soon to have orange Oury grips.

Behold the white stallion, like cocaine for your loins.

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Well done. :)

Well done. :)

Mutant Stem

What length stem is that?

That's a smooth ride

Looks cherry man, good work.

great build...

i love the powdercoating. do you find the bars feel slick when
riding or do you wear gloves to compensate? the paint scheme really ties everything together nicely.

update the pic

show the sf-ification

if you are going to saaaaan

if you are going to saaaaan fraaaancisco....

hey buddy.

i think i used to own this bike

does it have a ding in the top tube?

you did... and so did I...

yep, thats the one. It's been passed around a bit, but it looks REALLY good the way it's set up now. Very nice.

killer bike... how do you

killer bike... how do you like your major taylors?


Great, clean, look. I really dig it. Where did you find those white tires?! I need those!



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