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3Rensho Pursue bike         Featured Bike! on 03/17/2011

Bike tags: Track bike | 3Rensho Pursue single speed bike
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Steel frame totally original

Nitto Tsubasa-1

3Rensho and Suntour Superbe Pro

Shimano Dura Ace

Shimano Dura Ace

Suntour Superbe Pro

Kashimax and Suntour Superbe Pro

Suntour Superbe Pro

Rear N/A, front 50

Do not know much about the history of this bike. I appreciate anybody who has any to email me. Thank you

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pics please!

This bike is a dreeeam. btw

This bike is a dreeeam.

btw that seatpost is a Nitto Jaguar. Suntour Superbe seatposts are straight, looks a tad like Thomson.


absolut geiles Rad und der Lenker, wahnsinn!!!

I want

to touch.

THOSE BARS! Yessssss. They

THOSE BARS! Yessssss. They look like they want to murder a child.


bangin bars on that thing. ive never seen such a thing. really super cool build.

pursuit. not pursue

pursuit. not pursue


Sex on wheels that is amazing.


thats a keeper!! dont change a thing. PERFECT!

Thank you for the nice comment

Yes that is my plan, I have no reason to.

High Five!

Awesome bike - love those Nitto handlebars

Thank you

Yes, they are quite unique. Actually amazing are the many ways to adjust them. Very simple design but quite effective.


stunning absolutely stunning

Thank you for the nice comments

I couldn't believe someone would actually sell it and I was lucky enough to get it. It rides beautifully as well, but It will most likely be a nice toy to look at times to times.

That is extremely cool. You

That is extremely cool. You might email the folks at to see if they can tell you more about this bike:

Thank you.

I did and besides being a pursue bike, it seems nobody has seen it before. It is possible that it was a custom made bike for somebody and some how made here in the US. The odd handle bar should be an indication that the bike was not for export. But again these are only possible speculations.


San Rensho was found by Yoshi Konnno and build frames with Makino and Koichi Yamaguchi who are two of the best builders in the world. Yoshi Konno was paralyzed in a car crash and won't be making any more frames. This frame is a piece of art and history. It is also a pursuit bike and NOT a pursue

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