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First Single, coaster brake Azuki

Bike tags: Single speed | Road bike | Commuter | coaster brake
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Azuki Custom Cut/ Azuki


LBS Cheap

Coaster Brake 700c

Shimano Road

Mountain Dew Yello


Chainring 42/14

Still building. What should I do next?????? What else do you want me to add?? How do I get the pictures to show up. I filled the field w/o spaces and with spaces and with pics of my bike but I cant get them to show up. Someone help!!!!!!!!!! OK, so I guess beating the keyboard and cursing does work................................................................................Sometimes!!! 1/30/08 Just finished puting the new wheels on. Got some Armadillo red wall skins and a NEW BMX chain. Looks good and runs smooth. 2/14/08 Took the bike in for a new headset, the old was rusty, and the mechanic started fitting it to the fork. Since he was using a file and not paying attention he scratched up the top of both sides of the fork. When I pointed it out to him the owner got upset with me and told me that I would have to leave the bike because they had a lot of other work ahead of me. He said he would touch up the paint. Where do you get late 70's/early 80's Azuki Blue. It has been 2 weeks almost and no call. I also have a friend that took his bike to the same guy last wednesday and had a bit of work done and got his back Friday. I really wanted to leave the frame the way i found it since this was my first build but that is out of the question now. I will probably powdercoat it dark gray.jr

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where'd you get those grips??


try to find hi-polish alu stem, something like seatpost or ends of your fork.
Nice bike. 42/14 is my choice too (in the future).

Coaster Brake


I run a coaster brake on my road bike as well. I was wondering what brand your coaster brake hub is? I run a Sturmey Archer but it has developed a slight rattle over bumps when the brake is not applied. I am in the market for a new hub, but have been unable to find a great one as of yet.


nice looking ride, but a

nice looking ride, but a coaster brake and cageless pedals just seems like suicide for some reason. How's that working for you?



Coaster brake

Nice looking bike. What kind/ make did you use for the coaster. How did you find it? I picked up a junker 12 speed and am converting it to the same thing.

Modern Binder Bolt

If I were to have only one sugestion I would say a cheap and clean addition would be a new keyed binder bolt with 5mm hex drive. For about 5 bucks it really cleans up the seat cluster on those older bikes and you will really appreciate being able to use a compact tool instead of always having to carry a metric 12 or what ever. You may have to ream out the drive side just ever so slightly with a drill or a hand file but in the end they just work and look so much better.

Oh I have found if pics give you trouble re-nameing them and uploading them again usually works.

Good Luck, Looks Great

Yes, about the pics. God

Yes, about the pics. God knows why, but this site makes you uniquely name the files you upload to it. :/

Modern Binder Bolt

Thanks for the sugestion, I went to a friends friends shop today and asked about getting one. He dug around a bit and handed me one and told me I could have it if it fit. Well, it fit so I got it for free and you are right it really cleans up the back area a bit. You might notice from the first pics that I also updated the seat post with better rail attachment so that the bolts weren't sticking out the sides of the seat and rubbing my legs.

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