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IF crown jewel

Bike tags: Fixed gear | independent fabrication
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IF crown jewel steel

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so fun

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Just rode an IF SSR

I've ridden a helluva lot of nice bikes and own a few top notch vintage samples including De Rosa, Grandis, Ciocc, Colnago, etc. among others. A good friend left his Independent Fabrication SSR with me for a week while out of town and said simply, "You need to ride this. Just ride it."


Hands down, one of the best performing bikes I've ever been on. The difference in acceleration was simply profound vs vintage steel. I was blown away by the total lack of flex while still exhibiting some road feel and compliant response. I was going faster, getting up to top end faster, and generally one up on every parameter. First bike I've been able to roll at 30-32mph on the flats for a length of time. Just totally blown away. This CJ sample of yours looks very nice as well. You never see the SSR on sale used. His came in at 17.8 lbs which is quite good for a Stainless steel bike at the size. Had DA 10 and Ksyrium SSC SL. I was just flabbergasted that steel could achieve this level of performance in comparison to my favorite Columbus SL/SLX rides.

- kh




You really have to look at it to see all the details. Bet it rides great!

A dream bike!With a 1" steel

A dream bike!With a 1" steel fork it would be just perfect. (I would recommend all-black tires, e.g. Conti GP Supersonic.)


nice ride.

"When the goin' gets weird, the weird turn pro." H.S.T.





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