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FES Carbon Track

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FES Carbon Srint Frame

Cheapo cut-down bars, Cinelli


Zipp 404 on Goldtech

Dura Ace/Dura Ace

Specialized, Dura Ace

Dura Ace, Izumi


FES (German Sports Institue) frame for Jens Fiedler. FES only made frames for the German national team from the late 80s (I think) to the start of this century. Designed to take on BT/Corima/Look. The frame is stupidly stiff and strong. I have never seen anything near it. Carbon normally has a hollow ring to it. This sounds like it is completely solid.

Recently resprayed with House Of Kolor prism effect paint.

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RAPE !!!


This bike is a piece of art, beautiful! Who cares how he rides it!

I don't get this

I don't get this

Brake ??

Did you change the fork ? I don't remember a fork with a drill on this.

Please don't tell me you use

Please don't tell me you use that as your street ride


totally sick, solid build, looks great! (could definitely stand to lose the brake tho) great job!


Most definatly in the Rapha ads

cinelli stem

cinelli stem--do you know model or name?

Same saddle! first I've

Same saddle! first I've seen.



You have your front wheel on

You have your front wheel on backwards.

HED3's are made to have the valve side/threading on the drivetrain side.

Just a FYI


all that money and you still front wheel FAIL....... clean bike though.




Did you get that Hed 3 painted? I want my Hed 3 painted orange sooooo bad! Please anybody tell me

The wheel was sprayed along

The wheel was sprayed along with the rest of the frame. HED 3s are very easy to spary. Maybe ask at your local bike shop, and they should be able to put you in contact with someone

the brake placement seems

the brake placement seems odd...but it's a cool looking frame forsure...

The brake is specifically

The brake is specifically designed to fit behid the fork - they are normally used for Time Trials where a very clean/areo front end is important.

I can see how you might find

I can see how you might find that on a road tt frame but brakes on a track pursuit frame? Please loose the silly bars...

Please put this on a track.

Please put this on a track. With drops. Please. Like right now.



Thats hip. LULZ.

Thats hip. LULZ.



take me to your leader.

take me to your leader. Yikes technology.

Risers and platform pedals?

Risers and platform pedals? I'm confused.

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