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Custom Softride Roadwing

Bike tags: track bike | Cyclocross
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Softride Roadwing

Profile Design


Specialized Trispoke

Hed Disc Wheel

Shimano Dura Ace


I forget

Lightweight, Fast, Very fun to ride.

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if your care for your bike

if your care for your bike keep it off the sand.

Hey, is your trispoke white

Hey, is your trispoke white now? I think I saw you at July Cr1tical Mass! Sick bike.

Re: white tri-spoke

yeah that was me, and its actually red now, ill post up the new pony in a few so you can see what ill be riding for mass in sept, hope to see you there. p.s. what bike did you have maybe id recognize you. hope to hear from you soon.

soft ride

wow, it's like a motorcycle. Best bike I've seen. I'd like to know how you first, design one, and then how I can get one.

Re: softride

lol i have no clue how they design one, i do know that it is literally some sort of rocket science lol, and they are no longer in production but you can occasionally find one on ebay. cheers!

Since when...

Since when is it okay to post a swiss army knife on a bike page?

Hot bean flying sweet

Hot bean flying sweet monkey!

wth is tat? looks dangerous

wth is tat? looks dangerous lol



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