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Bike tags: Track bike | 55cm | keirin
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Baramon Keirin NJS, 8mm/10mm Suntour ends

steel riser/Nitto pearl 90 NJS

Baramon crown fork/Hatta NJS

Formula hub/Weinmann Deep V or Aerospoke track

Formula hub/Weinmann Deep V

Sugino 75 NJS/Dura Ace 7600 NJS chainring

bald Kashimax NJS/Nitto jaguar NJS

MKS RX-1 NJS/MKS clips/MKS Alpha NJS strap/DID Racing Pro NJS

Suntour Maeda NJS cog/47x17

first time seeing this,

first time seeing this, ouch.

man i would have smashed

man i would have smashed that guys fucking face in.


that same thing happened to one of my vivalos on the corner of randolph and state down town chicago :( im sorry mang




a pickup truck decided to barrel through a red light not paying attention that i was in the turn left go straight lane to the right of him. i was pitched off the bike and I turned my head back in time to see the motherfucker run over my rear wheel/stays. he was drunk


What happened?




i like how the bike is on top of that fluffy grass.


Hah we can only hope!

i bet my vivalo is making

i bet my vivalo is making out with your baramon in heaven.


damn, sorry for your loss.
Baramon's are much more rare NJS frames. I love mine.
I hope you were able to get some enjoyment while you had it.

and take that guy to the fucking cleaners! especially if he tried to take off.

what intersection did this

what intersection did this take place at? welcome to newport news....


the guy did take off through the intersection, through a red light. and 3 people had to flag him down. But i got all his insurance info, and filed a police report. i'm not selling the fork.......


im sory for your loss,i hope the guy didnt take off,and you got cash!!
is the fork ok,and if so do you want to sell it??


i really was shocked to see this! glad your ok!


in a nutshell, the motherfucker rear-ended me at a stop light, pitched me from the bike and ran over my back wheel..
Ive just got some minor scrapes and bruises. but the baramon is toast.everything beyond the seatstays is totaled, but surprisingly all the components look alright and will be salvaged for the next build.

the armadillo is still holding air!


How did all that damaged happen?
Whatd you walk off with?

baramon power

Baramon rules all


man, i'm really digging that bike too!!

The heat is on!

So its a race. That kashimax looks dope.

you stoked?!?!

you stoked?!?!

(pssst. all your components

(pssst. all your components are invisible)


all my components are ready and waiting. as soon as i get
my frame it'll be built

what kind of shifters are

what kind of shifters are you using

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