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Obey Fuji         Featured Bike! on 01/13/2011

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Obey Fuji Lugged Crown steel tubing 54cm

Nitto B123AA and Nitto Jaguar Stem in gold

Fuji Lugged

Alex Crostini Rims Profile fixed Hubs & black DT stainless spokes w/ DT gold nipples

Alex Crostini Rims & Profile fixed hubs black DT stainless spokes w/ DT gold nipples

Miche Promato Pistard

Brooks Swift with Nitto Post in gold

MKS RX-1 pedal and Super V chain

Euro Asia Deluxe 19T

nice whip duder...

nice whip duder...sometimes you gotta love the haters.

seeing stars

can't hate on that, its a sickk bike f'sure.

very cool!!


nice setup! check mine out...

CK Headset question

Do you recall if the CK headset that you have on is a gripnut or a 2nut? Size? Thanks

pain in da ass!

Do you find your seat comfortable? Any tips on breaking in the leather faster?


seat is comfy, but also heavy.
To break in a Brooks I was told you place a damp towel on the saddle overnight before riding the first few times, then once the leather is molded to your shape you can let it dry and apply wax to protect it from the elements.

breaking in a brooks

don't do that, just ride it, it will break in

que nice!!!

que nice!!!

seirously though, chopped +

seirously though, chopped + flopped b123s are most comfy and dope bhorns ever made. although they're expensive as hell. How's the frame geometry? I've always hated fuji for some reason.

fatlace starrrrssssss

chop and flip bullhorns

You honestly think that chop and flip Nitto 123AA's are the most comfortable bullhorns ever? How many different types of bullhorns have you tired? Secondly... why wouldn't you just purchase the bullhorns pre made for you...

The gold anodized 123AA drops are 120- while the gold anodized heat treated RB-018 bullhorns are only 80-.

I can understand if you wanted bullhorns after having drops but DO NOT buy the drops just to cut them. If you want to waste some more money i got a Nigerian price that needs your help...

did you really?

drop 1400 on this?

You kidding?

No, I got it factory direct..
Nitto parts do not come with the bike.

jesus i hope not. who would

jesus i hope not. who would pay that much for a shit frame and gold parts?


Why so critical and judgmental? There is room here for people to create whatever kind of bike they like with whatever frame and components they like. There are no set standards. It's not a competition. There are no rules. Everyone does not have the same time, money, or resources. And everyone does not share your aesthetic however superior you may feel your aesthetic may be. This site is about a shared love of fixed gear bikes. Don't sully the experience for others by posting nonsense like that.

I agree 99% this site os for

I agree 99% this site os for people that love bikes....all kinds of bikes not just fixed gear





Hot stem bar combo

The angle on the stem and bars are sick

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