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NOS 80's Colnago Pista         Featured Bike! on 11/13/2009

Bike tags: Fixed gear | 52cm | C Record | campagnolo | colnago | more tags >>
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Colnago Pista 53cm

Cinelli 66-38 and 100mm stem (or cheap O risers with champ grips)

Colnago forks with Campy Super Record Headset

Campagnolo Sidney with C Record Hi Flange hubs 32H

Campagnolo Sidney with C Record Hi Flange hubs 32H

Campagnolo Record crankset with Pista BB

Bernard Hinault Turbo (white)

MKS RX-1 and KMC K410 Red Chain

Phil Wood 19T


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That's Campagnolo Record!

That's Campagnolo Record!
This is much more inspiration from Garrett Chow's Ciocc Enemy due to Campagnolo Record. Super Real Classic Ever.

for the love of god, show

for the love of god, show this bike the respect it deserves, and take that top tube pad off it..., not I don't want to see it get ding'd... but this is a classic bike... it's not a hipster fashion accesory

wanna trade?

so so so so so so envious

how so you like your

how so you like your colonaga, Ive heard of the chainstay on these flexing so bad that the tire will hit both sides of the stays

colonaga , i heard that

colonaga , i heard that italian frames are shit and its better to ride a huffy because its solid non flexing american steel , true ask mapei or rabobank .....


ask Eddie Merckx... did he not win the giro, the vuelta, the tdf - yellow jersey, the green jersey, the polka dot jersey all in the same year? an he rode colnago and de rosa....

I also just watched the '96 Paris Roubaix... Mapei 1-2-3 on Colnagos?

very very nice

very very nice

About those tires...

What kind of tires are those and where did you find them? I've been desperately looking for a sweet pair.

States Side

If your looking to not ship tires over from hong kong, then check out 8th inch. They have some really reasonably priced tires in all sorts colors and styles. I went with the Vittoria Randounneur All White 700c x 28c, and they look like they will last forever, without sacrificing much in the ride.

you can get some here

or here

i got my vittorias from the second site, but the gran comps like the ones on this colnago are cheaper on bluelug

Yeah I got rid of the first

Yeah I got rid of the first set of Gran Comps and now running Vittorias too. The Gran Comps don't last as long.
You can also get them from


my heart just went pitter pat


New desktop pic.




the risers look ridiculously awesome.


Thanks ppl

Nice bike ever!!! Love NOS!

Nice bike ever!!! Love NOS!

Tape your bars!

tape your handlebars before you kill yourself.

Pure candy !

Pure candy...!

loving it. tape those bars

loving it. tape those bars though.

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