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Bike tags: Track bike | keirin | San Francisco | vivalo
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52 cm Vivalo

nitto b-125aa, nitto 90mm

vivalo, dura ace

da 7600 36h, radial lace, open pro

da 7600 36h, 3 cross, open pro

sugino 75, dura ace

cheap/cheap selle italia nixe

mks sylvan, izumi v

16t dura ace, 48t sugino zen

my first brakeless endeavor. i intend to upgrade the seat post, saddle, and pedals eventually.

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My bike is now being sold on sf craigslist.

It has been spray painted orange, the guy switched out the saddle and handlebars, but the rest is still the same (the seat post is a jaguar sp72 that I had upgraded to, the bottom bracket is now a sugino superlap).

I owned this bike for years and it was stolen out of my garage. I have no idea what to do, so if anyone has any ideas, please help me out!

Contact the guy like you

Contact the guy like you want to buy, then show up with a bunch of angry chain wielding messenger dudes and take that shit back. And teach the fucker a lesson for the rest of us, while you're at it.

I posted a less aggresive

I posted a less aggresive suggestion on your thread, but since the police are mostly worthless, this is a pretty good idea too. If you have enough bodies with you, the guy will give in, and wont be able to press charges if you had reported the bike missing in the first place (I assume with serial number).

you guys are awesome

but yeah, I reported the bike missing, but I don't have the serial number (lost in on a hard drive that crashed years ago, never re-recorded it. Yes, I'm an idiot). I'm trying to work with the police again. I'll update over the next week about whether this strategy actually works. I do not want to get into some sort of aggressive/illegal confrontation with this guy, so it's the police or I'm s.o.l.


Stolen on 9/10/13


Another vivalo! I've been wanting to put mine on velospace for a while. Yours is very elegant.

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