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Bare Knuckle 58

Deda Pista, Dimension (hard to find a good threadless stem with a steep angle!)

Bare Knuckle, Chris King Rasta

aerospoke track with custom vinyl (TOO HEAVY- SOLD) or Mavic Elipse (when I want to drop some lbs)

Mavic Elipse

Sugino 75 black, Sugino 75

San Marco Rolls, Miche Supertype

MKS Stream, MKS black cages, IZUMI Super Toughness (MKS chain tensioner)

EAI 17 Sugio Zen Racing 48

Why the areospoke? shoulda

Why the areospoke? shoulda got the mavic set....

this is old i sold it and

this is old i sold it and put the elipse front back on.

thumbs up

thumbs up



hey where did you buy your

hey where did you buy your frame?

i can't see how that stem is

i can't see how that stem is feasibly comfortable

I have

monkey arms.


very nice.

Hey, is that a 90mm 35degree

Hey, is that a 90mm 35degree dimension stem?

it's a 125degree 90mm

it's a 125degree 90mm


Different way to say the same thing.
Sweet ride!

when I see aerospokes it

when I see aerospokes it makes me cringe.
they look kinda cool but there so fricking heavy, I can sense it thru the pic

first i LOVE your

first i LOVE your bike....second, can you give us any details on how you made the leather top tube protector? it looks sleek as hell

great job all around

It just requires

some scrap leather, you can find in any city near a fashion district or furniture upholstering place. Then you cut it to fit around the tube and use a leather punch to make holes that you then stitch waxed linen thread through. It's pretty simple once you start.

The Tracoon makes my life

The Tracoon makes my life


got myself a bareknuckle. Sold my old frameset, transferred some parts over, also adding some different parts.

Looking at your bike [as well as my friends bareknuckle] finally got to me. I'll be posting some pics soon.


enjoy it! I love the frameset it's a blast to ride and my favorite bike I own right now.

chain tug

hey man, love your did you get the chain tug to fit the fork ends? My fork ends seem to be a bit too big on my BK, did you file them down or what?


makes them in different sizes least 2 that i know of. The one i have on there was for aluminum frames with thicker drop-outs. It has a small amount of slop but still functions perfectly.

hmm interesting yeah i knew

hmm interesting yeah i knew they made them for Al ones too...maybe ill be able to switch mine out..thanks for the help

dimension stem

where did you find that stem? what model is it? I've been trying to find a threadless stem with a steep slope forever now

Dimension stem...

My LBS stocks them but you can also order online from various sellers. I think the juggernaut "" typically carries them.

beautiful bike. classy.

beautiful bike. classy.

brake surface...

did you paint it? what did you do exactly?

I cheated it a bit

I used a Vinyl cutter/plotter to plot the circle on a roll of black vinyl and applied the sticker to the wheel... It's temporary for now and I will paint it but I needed a quick fix.


...anyway, it looks good. i have the same set up as you, aerospoke/ellipse. i need to update my profile.


I dig the purple Knuckle. It was my first choice but i couldn't find one my size. happy riding.


man all black! this is one sick bike! i really like the decals on the aerospoke :)


Thanks for the compliment!'s a constant work in progress.

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