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Kenevans 59cm Reynolds 531c .

Cinelli 110 mm , Nitto rb-021 (polished) World champ plug ends

Kenevans , Dura Ace 1 inch (polished)

Mavic open pro , dt aero spokes Miche Primato 32 hole (polished) phil r8 bearings .

Mavic open pro , dt aero spokes Miche Primato 32 hole (polished) phil r8 bearings . Phil 17 t MKS adjusters .

Miche primato (polished) Miche bb 107 track .

Thomson elite , gel ,carbon TI .

SPD 540 ( work bike descision ) miche chain .

47 primato , 17 polished phil .

10 months to build and a lot a cash ( starved myself ) , I love this bike so much . It's my work bike believe it or not . Big shout out to everyone here and at bikeforums . juvi , mcatano ,onetwentyeight , 165 , humancongreel , carleton etc etc . I love this shit . See you at the worlds !!! p.s i cant take figure out how to upload photos at the right/size/resolution etc. could someone help a brother out and message me please !

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Sweeeet ride, perfect

Sweeeet ride, perfect finishes!!

the clearance on the

the clearance on the frame/wheels is amazing

thanks for watching!

i added this fine ride to the 531 cluster.
and, speaking as an employee of a CBS affiliate TV station, thanks for watching CBS!


This bike is simply beautiful. I love everything about it, quite envious.

Bloody Hell

This Bloke!!! What a Hipster. Know What I'm Sayin'???

new to fixed gear/single speed

i'm a mtn biker, who's looking to get into fixed/single speed for training, as well as my commute to work.

any recommendations would be very welcome.



Nice decals...

That's it - no more beer for you. Where's my props? Not for building the bike, but for putting up with your shit...
Now THAT'S punk rock.

hope you love yours as much

hope you love yours as much as i love mine!

Welcome to the 'Ken' club

Very noice.

I love the decal for the

I love the decal for the headtube. The world championship stripes and the laurel wreath were a very classy touch. I think you should put the side shot back up, it looks amazing from the side.

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