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Colnago Cyclocross bike conversion

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Colnago and Dura Ace

Araya with DA

Araya with DA


Will be changed soon

Crank Brothers

This was originally a Colnago road bike, a 1988 Super sprint I think. When I bought it someone had had the canti mounts brazed on but there was no rear clearance and the paint is in terrible condition. More info here:

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I would SO do this if I just knew the first thing about brazing on canti mounts!

This is a beautiful ride, and must get a crazy amount of hype at the races.


inspired to do something like this now. sweet sweet ride, my dream bike. but what the hell is up with that saddle? it looks like a bundled up diaper

Neat beast

Neat beast but agree on the saddle. That has to go as it's the main blight on that compelling interpretation. It need to be tossed to the four winds. Not a fan of the stem either but know it's a helluva lot more rigid than any 1A et al. Nice ride. Bet it's a blast.


dream bike!
gimme :D

Good work.. now ride the

Good work.. now ride the hell out of it!

ps. white tape + saddle will

ps. white tape + saddle will not stay white long with all the mud :P


what kind of tires are those?

so, so, so rad

so, so, so rad

nice bike!

What kind of tubing, sl? I think the sprint model had "sprint" pantografed on the left side of the bottombracketshell and I cant see that you have that on your shell.

I just bought myself a colnago and I think it is a sprint, but I havent seen it yet=)
I´ll post pictures when i´ve got it and we can compare..


cool machine,a lot of time

cool machine,a lot of time to get it looking this good i bet,but worth it.

cool machine,a lot of time

cool machine,a lot of time to get it looking this good i bet,but worth it.

I saw your bike at Vecchios

I saw your bike at Vecchios today. It's beautiful! If you ever want to sell it let me know.

How did you make or where

How did you make or where did you find the decals?

Looks like Cyclomondo

Looks like Cyclomondo's work, easily traced to ebay, sourced from down under. Sadly, he misses the mark on the "C" via the seat tube decal. It's a shame really. There is another source for decals that get the typography exactly right, this used by one of the painters north of the border in CAN. I believe their name is Velocolour.


Nice choice of components. Terrific job of bringing it back to life. This makes me want a Cyclocross. Do you ride this as a Cyclocross bike?

Your bike is turly a

Your bike is turly a beautiful machine. Thanks for sharing it with us.

I'm curious to what kind of handelbar you are using and it works well with STI levers?


well, after saving it from such a horrible yellow/black fate, i'd say you have the right to do whatever you want to it. sweet ride, my man!


you're getting that muddy?! Colnago abuse! Beautiful bike right there.

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