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Alta Bike

Bike tags: Fixed gear
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Alta Bike, White

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Like a fresh snow in the mountains

I like the stem.

I like the stem.

Post a real picture of the bike,

I want to see the real goods ... jahzorn

I need an ALTA


Still the sweetest manufactured SS around. We really need these in the US.

Say what you want about the

Say what you want about the roadish geometry I bet that thing rails the corners.


this thing looks like its from ikea.

bikes arent fucking furniture


Actually, you're on to something. According to their web page, alta had more furniture designers than bike designers drawing up the specs. And, as they proudly say, the bike is designed to be shown off in the living room. Even comes with a custom rack.

Alta's website

this image is from their website. check it out, kind of expensive for what it is AND it's road geometry :\

I like their advertisements though.

I've never heard of this bike.

More info please

we need your bike

Hey Sondre, you should put a pic of a bike in context, in your house or on the street.


White like dynamite

White like dynamite

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