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Cinelli Vigorelli

Bike tags: Fixed gear | aerospoke | aluminum | hed | Track
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Cinelli Vigorelli

Nitto, Thomson 50

Cinelli, FSA


hed, surly fixxer

48T Paul Cranks, Campagnolo

Fizik HP Pave Ti, Thomson

Polished MKS Royal Nuevo, Toshi Double Straps , SRAM

48x18 Phil Wood

Thanks Freewheel Hayes.
Let's Ride SF

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Thats pure sex. put a front

Thats pure sex.

put a front 650c/20mm lean back seatpost/higher riser and your setup is perfect!

you've got to be fucking

you've got to be fucking kidding me with those riser bars.

ha. love your matching blue

ha. love your matching blue bandana top tube protector!
going to put that on mines matches my blue risers.

please dont ever put

please dont ever put aerospokes on this bike ever again!! it is amazing with the HED's



Rad bike.. What size is the

Rad bike.. What size is the thomson stem? Doesn't look like a 90..

oops tripple post*

oops tripple post*

Edited ----

Edited ----


Hey you should submit your bike to the c-life section at We would greatly appreciate it, and I'll put it up there :)


So clean! You built it so nice. Dang!

sup! its me jensen. nice

sup! its me jensen. nice bike!


your shit is so clean. love it.

nice bike!

love those wheels man!!!! they look very pricey, and also makes the bike alot lighter im sure!

definately one of the

definately one of the sickest bikes on velospace.

Your bike is Noice!!!

Your bike is Noice!!!




more than good,
hows the rear a-spoke for stopping? Do you get the hub slipping at all?

Thanks I love ridn' this

Thanks I love ridn' this bike.
I've ridn' it around SF and some of the hills are pretty gnarly and so far no slips on the rear hubs. I was asked the same question b4. I know some people have had some problems on the hub slipping. I had a friend tell me to spot weld it if starts to slip. Hopefully I don't have too.

cool, im defos going to go

cool, im defos going to go for one once i have the money,
cheers for the feedback


good video, I've always loved that track by q-tip.


the stem its dope.!

ur vig

looks kick a$$

"When the goin' gets weird, the weird turn pro." H.S.T.

"I have a theory that the

"I have a theory that the truth is never told during the nine-to-five hours."

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