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vivalo from seattle

Bike tags: Fixed gear | red vivalo seattle
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nitto risers/nitto pearl 90mm


phil/hoshi bladed spokes/deep-v



kashimax bmx or selle turbo/ nitto

gold mks/kashimax doubles/ d.i.d chain


kind of my new winter setup.
big ups to ren at njsframes.blogspot
currently riding this thing to work everyday.

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Do you work at the Whole Foods on Denny? I see a bike like this one parked there all the time.


I work at the whole foods. i dont have the red bike rolling anymore though. i ride the gt now

plz update

look how pristine that aerospoke is!! no more!

hoshi blades

whered you get those hoshi bladed spokes? I've only seen one size, made for lacing araya golds to da hubs...

Very nice bike by the way.

yellow jersey

in wisconsin i think. im pretty sure hoshi bladed spokes arent made anymore, but when i got my wheel done they said they still had some left. give it a shot

dodo brown

egads! we're kinda twins

egads! we're kinda twins sorta


you have a really nice dish rack and your kitchen floor is sweet!

thanks man

im glad someone finally noticed. the tiling is actually NJS certified, you just cant see the stamp in the pic. i swear its there though. high quality shit

will buy for 1600

will buy for 1600 as is
get back to me

i appreciate the offer

but I couldnt let it go. too much time, and money. thanks though


how are you liking the rear aerospoke?

its cool

like anything it gets old. gonna switch it up soon.


did you get the frame from njsstuff?


Loooks goooood~!!


look, up in the sky, it's a bird, it's a plane, it's yet another fixie with just one aerospoke! that is so totally custom.


yeah,the gran compe's are super exclusive though. I have a couple
friends in japan that can get em, but shipping is killer.
love the setup!

how do you like

that rear aerospoke? are they sturdy in the back.
this bike is rad! do you go to fast friday?


its a vittoria zaffiro. they're nice, but hard to come by
outside japan..

where did you get that white

where did you get that white rear tire?
Nice setup!


the all white tires arent that hard to come by these days. just check ebay every once in a while. vittoria has one, and gran compe too. i dont think either are readily available to buy in the states though.

they are not tubulars

they are not tubulars right?
Did you paint that aerospoke or was it factory?

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