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bamboo bike

Bike tags: Fixed gear | bamboo
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My friends Nick Frey, Tom Yersak, Doug Wolf and I built this bike as a project for our engineering design class at Princeton University. The bamboo was sourced locally, torched then baked in an oven to remove the moisture from the poles. They were then mitered to fit snugly to the ajoining tubes and then wrapped in single strands of resin soaked carbon fiber to create the joints. The dropouts were designed in ProEngineer and CNC'd in a 3 axis machine. The head tube and bottom bracket were hand machined from aluminum stock, as was the seatpost adjuster. It rides very very smoothly and is quite strong. The frame is around 3lbs, and the entire bike is 14.7lbs with the uncut steerer, a heavy seat and that BEEFY gold chain. I hope you enjoy it, I know we do.

-will watts
Princeton '09

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i think it's pretty awesome, I wonder about the flex? Sure it's strong as hell, but does it bow at all under stress? I figured that might be part of it's strength afterall.

why is the drive on the left

why is the drive on the left side?

Construction questions?

Nice looking bamboo frame. how much(by lbs or feet??) carbon tow did you use on this frame? I'm think about uni tape but the tow might be cheaper. also do happen to have an extra dropout that you want to sell it to me? thanks

seen it done before. still

seen it done before. still looks great. good job!

Calfee Who?

Thats just wrong...



"When the goin' gets weird, the weird turn pro." H.S.T.


I'm just a girl on the street..

Loved that you used bamboo for most of the frame. From start to finish how long did you guys work on the project to build it up? Use or make any prototypes? It looks awesome, congrats and enjoy it.

well from start to finish it

well from start to finish it was a few weeks, mainly because we had to first find the bamboo, then figure out the best way to treat it, then make a jig and all. This bike is the prototype, as far as hours on this particular bike, probably 40hours, but with 3 people working on and off. The bulk of this bike was built in a day and a half. The second will take a half day tops. We have some improvements that will be made for the next bikes.


Crazy frame... I just sold Tom an Easton seat post on eBay. Is that going on this bike?

It won't be on this one, but

It won't be on this one, but it will be on the bike we build for him.

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