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If you own this bike now, hit me up!

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55cm Bianchi Pista Concept

Nitto b123 (40cm) / CKT Sloping stem (35 degree)

Pista Concept stock / Tange Integrated 1 1/8" threadless

Dura-Ace HF 7600 laced to Non-Machined Mavic Open 4 CD (32H)

Dura-Ace HF 7600 laced to Non-MachinMavic Open 4 CD (32H). EAI cog with DA lockring.

RPM / Some Shimano one (waiting to get my Sugino 75 cranks to fit my Sugino 75 BB)

Turbo / Bianchi Componenti

Wellgo Road w/ MKS clips and custom leather straps / KMC Kool chain


Taking a long shot, but if the current owner of this bike is on here, I would love to speak to you!

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are the rims custom painted? or can you buy non-machined mavic open's? if so, where?


That sloping stem is so cash.


such a nice concept and i love the sloping stem. check out my nagasawa sometime =)


was my favorite pista concept. made me want a pista concept. then you sold it!

Gotta love white bikes eh.

Gotta love white bikes eh. Sweet ride my man!


Where did you find the CKT stem here in the states? Nice ride.

I love this bike.

I love this bike.

skid machine.

skid machine.


for really real!

Yea my tire thanks you guys.

Yea my tire thanks you guys. I WONDER WHO GOT A FLAT MID-RIDE HMMMMMMMMMMMMM. <3

shut up. get to philly now.

shut up. get to philly now.

thats a nice looker

thats gonna make me get a new bike

YO!! You using a shim with


You using a shim with the Nittos?

im pretty sure im bringing

im pretty sure im bringing the panasonic down. so it could be insane.

yay. I get to meet this

yay. I get to meet this bike.

That Turbo saddle is looking

That Turbo saddle is looking GOOD!!! i think imma be outlandish and get a Brooks on tried one out and it looks horrendous!


I never gave you permission to post a pic of my truck or me...freaking ridiculous. LOL.


white grips on those bars would be killer.

Very true.

You are so right. I've been telling myself to order up some champ grips, but alas... i'm lazy as fuck.

So what did I do instead? Ordered white Oury's for my risers :(.

Dude Seriously

I've been lurking this concept for a while, then I realized I just sent you a skateboard. Have fun shredding the bike and the board.

White is so clean!

Thanks for the kind words! I love the white Concept! what year is it? powder coat? White with black is the hotness!!! I.m considering going all black so that no one can see me at ensure my ass getting hit by cabs!


looks great unbranded white w/black components. it's mindblowing how much nicer the concept's fork is than the regular pista..! i hope to get myself a set of dura ace hubs for my in-progress build..

Thanks man

Yea the fork is really nice, but at least the Pista fork owners don't have to worry about it exploding into a million pieces if they get wrecked or something heh.

Edit: And DA hubs are fucking fantastic. If you take care of them (like overhaul and such), they are smoother than anything.


look sick. nice ride.


Now if I could only take pictures like you :).

How's the dust?

This bike and it's owner lost in a race to me


Oh shit.

Haha. Fuck you :p.

What I didn't tell you is that both my legs were broken and I was blinded 30 minutes earlier :D.

nice concept

Hi it is mike I just sold you that frame and fork. Looks good how do you like it

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