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brown & green sparton track bike

Bike tags: Fixed gear | Track bike | brown | Sparton | Track
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sparton 58cm

nitto b123 36cm, lime champ grips, nitto jaguar 110

sparton fork

lime velocity deep V / black formula hub

lime velocity deep V / black formula hub

165mm sugino 75

Selle Italia turbo

MKS sylvan and Yaban Chain

soma 16t / dura-ace lockring, 49t sugino 75, kashimax top tube protector

went the ebay route . . . i definitely wanted a brown lugged track frame. sparton made one for me in the custom color for cheap. the geometry feels great. the one thing you don't get is a super light frame. the steel bars and sparton frame make this bike rather heavy, but i love my ride.

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For a better comment I'll

For a better comment I'll just say it looks like a Stunt bike ready to get the thrill & just have fun.

Nice Work !!

how is the size of that

how is the size of that b123, does 36cm width feel good or do you wish you got them wider? store here only has a 36 and 40cm one in stock, my frame is also around 60cm so im wondering what feels good.


if you're on 60cm, id go

if you're on 60cm, id go bigger than 36cm bar. it was a little naive to think i should get 36cm, but i liked the narrower feel. i have broad shoulders, so sprinting leverage is weakened by narrower grip, but i have become very used to it, and like the way they squeeze through tight areas on the street. if i did track, they'd be pointless. 40cm is a very reasonable size though.

Cheers man, went for the

Cheers man, went for the 40cm one eventually..

bag of skittles

WHY THANK YOU! I didn't realized how fitting the colors with Tucson would be until i moved here. Cosmos! yes, her seat is quite gnarly, wanna share?! I have a disease free bum. haha

One last things before I put

One last things before I put up the money for it: I commonly ride a 53-54cm frame. I've read that the Sparton frames are a tad bit undersized. People have commented that if you commonly ride a 54 you'd want to buy a 56 from Sparton in order to get the right fit. It's important because I am a very lanky guy with long legs and a short upper body. If I commonly ride a 53-54 would you recommend I purchase a 54 or go with the 56 to be safe?

sparton measures

sparton measures center-to-top of their seat tube. so my 58cm sparton does measure 56cm center-to-center. i would say if 53-54 is the right size track frame (remember, the bottom bracket is higher on track frames), then you could get a "56", which will actually measure 54 center to center. sorry about my last response on the price. some one/thing edited it, and locked it too.

So I'm on the verge of going

So I'm on the verge of going for a Sparton for a cheap beater (getting sick of riding my converted Takara around town). However I've read some not-so-good things about the ST500 like file marks on the lugs, the fork is not drilled for a brake (I'm sure I could use my drill press and drill the fork anyway), and the rear drops are commonly out of alignment . Granted if I were to buy one it wouldn't be some great track bike, but I could save myself the trouble and buy an EAI Bareknuckle or Soma Rush.

well, i can tell you is that

well, i can tell you is that is mostly true. but also correctable. i aligned my dropouts, and decided to run it brakeless. the prices have gone up since i got mine @ 0 + shipping. maybe the quality has gone up too? some people really like them, and other people are disappointed. depends on the owner i guess. if you dont need lugs, an IRO or a kilo could be a good deal and much cheaper than a barenuckle.

considering what i paid, i am very happy with my sparton.

Thanks for the quick reply.

Thanks for the quick reply. I'll probably get one just because of the fact that I've been itching to work on something new. I'll let you know how things work out.

Clearance Clarence

By the way, you want about 45+mm from center of chainring to center of down tube. I know where that photo was taken too. Pretty cool to see. Do you ever see anyone using that place? I know a few roads that could have used that money...

Dude, I just read your quote!

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!! Oh, that's good...

i was thinking the same

i was thinking the same thing about that place. (in case i ever change photos, we're talking about the purely decorative additions to the bay trail in oakland). at least i made use of it for velospace. i think the idea was to give people driving by a way to notice a trail they've never noticed. but maybe they could fix the lanes on high street with this kind of money, so i dont get killed just trying to get to the bay trail that's fine to begin with, and probably better off with less people and litter.

yeah sparton!

hey sick whip, i just ordered one... since you're running formulas, what size BB is correct for that chainline? I have a 107mm and a 103mm which one do you recommend?



hey, i think that depends

hey, i think that depends more on the cranks you select than anything else. the hub and BB shells are almost always the same specs for chainline. 103mm will work with sugino RD, 107mm will work with sugino XD. but do some more research, there might be many options.

yeah, you're right...

thanks for the advice. I'll have the threads cleaned then. The cranks I'm using are some 165mm shimano 105s from the early 90s I believe. I'm still searching I'll let you know how it goes.

Amazing machine! Can you

Amazing machine! Can you upload the side shot from the gif as a still pic in high-res?

Like the Graphic

Haha You seem to changes handlebars as much as I do. Nice bike

Now go skid your tire off.


for one of the funniest Velospace bike images.

Gif for the win.


do you know the bb drop or height? im thinking about getting one

bb height

i measured 10.975" (27.62cm) to the floor from the center of the bb

brown/ looks dope man. let

brown/ looks dope man. let the haterz hate.


a unique mix of colors, but you did it well


thx 4 the nice comment on the "huffster". diggin' how you set your sparty, too~

"When the goin' gets weird, the weird turn pro." H.S.T.

hey man, hows the clearance

hey man, hows the clearance on that lugged fork. I got a sparton frame from the old batch and was thinking of upgrading to the lugged fork.


just added a close-up of the fork. also added a youtube video of the frame in the notes. i like the look of it. but maybe your fork is lighter?

hey, thanks for that

hey, thanks for that man....the wheel clearance on the original fork isn't as tight as i would like it (over a 1 cm) plus im not a big fan of the unicrown....Im guessing that clearance is with 700 x 23 tires right?

700 x 26

its like less than 2mm clearance, but the tires were 700 x 26. now they are 23's. has about 5mm clearance now.

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