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andrea's terruzzi

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get a rear brake

get a rear brake

maybe he doesn't need one.

maybe he doesn't need one. bike looks great.

True the bike looks great. But it

really needs a rear brake to avoid the whole death thing.

lemmings and muppets. never

really doesn't. the front brakes do most of the stopping if you knew anything about physics but you don't.

lemmings and muppets. never any intelligence or originality in youz things.


...i go to stanford and work for nasa. this thing needs a rear brake.


...PFFAHAHAHAHAHAHA...okay dude....

it's obvious you're parents

it's obvious you're parents didn't give you enough attention. damn shame. now you're a dick... it's okay. you make it obvious for everyone to see so it's cool "bro".

jamesbooty is a

girl. Sooo...


and i got a small dick


nasty. I'm thinking about being real unique and removing the handle bars from my bikes. I know how to handle the corners with no hands and I don't use brakes sooooo...

oh fuhhhhh! das brilliant!

oh fuhhhhh! das brilliant! do you know how much weight you'll save?




The ventos look very nice with that frame.
Good work

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