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Blue & gold


Such ill shit, gold parts club ftw!

damn those wheels are

damn those wheels are insane. are those hplussons or just deep vs? they don't look like they have any sidewalls...and gold phils with bladed spokes.. BLING

They are just deep Vs but

They are just deep Vs but they work. No machined sidewall. Phils are like butter. The bike was posted one year ago..not two as jerome had posted.

look at that date that bike

look at that date that bike was posted, it was almost 2 years ago. hplussons werent even close to being released.

looks great

i really like how you kept the seat post silver instead of goin gold. that wouldve been just a bit too much. and i would have expected white on the saddle and grips. but the contrast with the black ties it together perfecly. great taste. jelous.


this is THE most beautiful bike on this site hands down
i drool over these panasonic frames, i just cant afford one yet =(

Thanks, man! I love my

Thanks, man! I love my bike...It gets haters talking so I guess that is a good thing.
Ride safe!

Subaru WRC

Reminds me of the Rally Imprezas. Nice bike.

Ha! I see the Subaru around

Ha! I see the Subaru around and think the same thing...Drift!


Cute as a button!
I just got some electric blue oury grips, how do you like yours?

The Ourys are great! Super

The Ourys are great! Super cushioney for the bumpy Brooklyn commute!

Very nice frame homie. What

Very nice frame homie. What size?

And ps - im sure you've thought about getting the matching gold jaguar post. you might want to bite the bullet and throw down the cash for that, the Nitto anodized stock is running low and they don't do batches of that ano stuff regularly, could be a couple years till you see more.

Ride on.

I contemplated the jaguar

I contemplated the jaguar gold seatpost but couldnt do that much gold..I think I have too much gold going on as is...but its a fun ride for sure! Its a 48cm.


in my opinion you don't have enough gold!
get the sugino gold cranks and the jaguar seatpost, and then it would be perfect. maybe a gold chris king headset, or black?

no don't over do it or its

no don't over do it or its tarck as fuck and stupid. it looks sweet as is.

That frame is gorgeous.

That frame is gorgeous. Where did you order it from? Doesn't it hurt your wrists to ride with your wrists twisted inward like that? I can't imagine it would be pleasant to ride with your elbows pointed out like that. Just curious.

I also have drop bars but

I also have drop bars but for the street the risers work well. I ordered the frame from yellow jersey in Madison, Wisconsin. They are a great store!

Thanks! I may have to get

Thanks! I may have to get one of those myself.

Check out the kalavinka

Check out the kalavinka site. Its the only place to get them and they arent availble in the states. Plus the site has some good bike porn!




that color scheme is sick, the gold and blue really go together. i especially like those gold hubs.
ps what size is that frame?

Thanks for commenting! It's

Thanks for commenting! It's a 48..I usually ride 49 but decided to have a smaller bike for more control.

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