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De Rosa Professional Pista

Bike tags: Track bike | columbus | de rosa | derosa | slx
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58cm De Rosa Professional SLX

Nitto RB-018, Salsa

De Rosa chromed fork, Campagnolo Record headset.

Phil Wood 36h to Campagnolo Omega Aero Hardox

Phil Wood 36h to Campagnolo Omega Aero Hardox

Campagnolo C-Record crankset, Campagnolo Record sealed bottom bracket.

Brooks Professional saddle, Campagnolo C-Record seatpost

Shimano PD-M959 pedals, Regina chain.

49x16, Phil Wood cog.

Different ride than my Alfa/De Rosa -- seat angle seems a touch more relaxed. Toe overlap isn't as bad as it looks, but it should be running 19mm tires -- the tire rubs the downtube hitting big bumps (Continental 4Seasons 700x23c)

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Salsa <3

That stem!! Salsa

TIGHT frame. i bet that

TIGHT frame. i bet that thing hauls ass.

as tight as it is...

I wouldn't be surprised for a minute if it tracks like it's on a rail - really just insane. It's so tight against that downtube, do you think it's might be a non original fork, or, at some time's been pushed back in some way? That tolerance is OOC! Must be a blast to charge. The clearance from the top of the tire to the bottom of the fork crown is also redick - I bet there's rub there on wet days and big bumps. An all around beauty!

Dat ass

Dat tight ass geometry, my frame haz it too. Nothing like your downtube clearance though, but I gotta run my 23c's at lower pressure so they don't rub my fork.

I've never seen anything like this.


that frames geo is really tight, id be scared to hit a bump or something getting stuck to the tire then making you flip over

i just have to say, i wish i

i just have to say, i wish i could find one of these framesets in my size! that thing is the tits. right on doggy!

great bike.

I really like your wheel setup!


Didn't even notice the clearance issue until I read it and then looked at the picture.

That's sketch, I would drop the front only to 19 or 20.

head set cups

bro, you need wider lower headset cup, so your tire does not hit down tube


Gotta get some drop bars, bro


are all of you faggots obsessed with everyone having drops? once again, if you aren't riding track, it doesn't even make sense to have them.

Love drops

If I see an open bit of road I am straight in the drops and out of the saddle and with a big smile on my face!

now that's what i call

now that's what i call minimal clearance.

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