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Samson Keirin Track

Bike tags: Fixed gear | Araya | denver | fixed gear | Kashimax | more tags >>
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Samson Keirin Track


Samson Fork, Hatta Swan Headset

Araya Clincher, Superbe

Araya Clincher, Superbe

Superbe, Hatta

Nitto, Kashimax

MKS Royal Nuevo, Izumi "Super Toughness"

Superbe Cog/Chainring, 49/17, Toshi Double Straps, MKS Chain Tensioners

This bike is a masterpiece....Rides beautifully....

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I saw ths beauty for sale on eBay. I'm sad you have to let go of such a wonderful racing machine but alas, bicycles come and go! Good luck man if I had the duckets I would buy it from you. I LOVE Samson frames. So pretty.....


Stoked! Beautiful.

Im jealous of those aero

Im jealous of those aero seatstays...


really smooth ride, looks great. masterpeice indeed

Super Clean!

Super Clean!

i dig your style, straight

i dig your style, straight classy.

it double posted me.

damnit, it double posted me. I'm sticking to my original comment.

this bike is so clean. i

this bike is so clean. i love it.

those seat stays...

are sexy as all hell! great color, too.


which arayas are those, the ct19n's?

yes sir

samsons are the coolest...

what up.

I agree.

I like it!

I like it!

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