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Snilly snoft ride fixed gear queer

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i scored this softride frame for bucks. normally, I wouldnt waste my money on a toy like this, but who can argue that price?

carbon bars thomson stem

carbon fork some sealed cartridge headset


white industries ENO laced to Mavic...have you tried those new Pro lock nipples? those shits are great!

garbage, soon to be replaced

flite and no seatpost.


fun, retarded, what can I say.

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you lookin to sell this

you lookin to sell this thing?


I really want a bike like this.
It's so stupid, it's amazing!

you likin the the white hubs

you likin the the white hubs ? ive been eyeballing them lately

they work great. highly

they work great. highly recommend

GREAT bike.... where'd ya

GREAT bike.... where'd ya get the frame???

12 stepin' ?

looks like your slipin' DOOM better go to meeting. (ha ha) but 50 bucks hell yeh I would have jumped on that shit!how is that eno?do you know anything about those chub hubs?

sick commuter bike.

sick ass commuter bike.

Ow! Too hot!

Ow! Too hot!

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