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Double Top Tube Mystery Bike

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Unknown manufacturer, model and year. steel, double top tubes, track drop outs, pretty lazy geometry, old and rusty.

I've had the bike for almost a year now, and I just finally stripped the whole thing down to bare metal to do some welding, and then have it dipped and powder coated. keep an eye out for updates.

be sure to check out my bikes on velospace (yep, number 511 on velo!) black and red custom painted conversion white IRO jamie roy black and grey fuji track

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Fascinating Frame.

The photos look professional. Beautiful.

It's a Men's Jorg and Olaf Frame

It's a Men's Jorg and Olaf Frame. It's a rare old dutch design.

Maybe this is yours?

It just so happens I stumbled upon a frame exactly like this today in a local bike shop...

I was standing in line to purchase it for ten dollars when a guy who worked at the shop started laughing from across the room. I asked why and he said it was because I was about to buy a Benotto that was made in Mexico. They are called 'panaderos' down south and are commonly used as utility bikes. Apparently these bikes were nothing like Benottos made in Italy. Poor steel, shoddy workmanship and bolted rear end and possibly incompatable parts were concerns with the frame.

I dont know if yours is anything like the one I found. The frame I was looking at had rod brakes that engaged via a small thumb lever located at the junction of the lower top tube and stem. It also was quite heavy. I was originally attracted to it for the horizontal 'track' dropouts.

Best of luck, hope this helps.

Great find, looks like all

Great find, looks like all those track bikes from like the twenties, I've seen a few of them with the double top tube.


This looks similar to a lot of old bikes I have seen on ebay from Australia.


this bike is awesome.
where'd you get it?

i've seen really similar

i've seen really similar frames in china. perhaps it is chinese.

neat frame

Although it has what we think of as track forkends/dropouts, maybe this thing is so old that that type was normal for all sorts of bikes? I dig the seat stays.

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