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Peugeot UO 9 Super Sport

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Peugeot UO 9 (1982) Super Sport Carbolite 103

Nitto 105, original stem


27 inch Weinmann RM19 Rim, Formula hub

27 inch Weinmann RM19 Rim, Formula Fixed/Free Hub

46t miyata single speed crank, stock bottom bracket 5S-B spindle

SE seatpost 26.0 (bmx) and San Marco seat

Just changed to SPDs for commuting. Chain was off a dumpster huffy.

15t Dura Ace cog and lockring

Frame is "Made in Canada" -- not France! Got the frame practically untouched from ebay. I don't see these aroud much. If you have one, drop me a line (and post it up here). Rides very nicely. Feels fast too.

Added front brake and campy aero levers.
Bars and tape finally replaced -- pics soon. Gotta change crank. Maybe increase the rear cog. 46/15 is a little much on the knees sometmes.
If anyone has a 26.0 seatpost in a nicer brand, talk to me. I want something a little closer to restoration-appropriate than the bmxer on there.

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beautiful bike.

I picked one of these up in the fall locally. Paid a hundred bucks. The previous owner had converted it to a single speed. It rides very fast and is quite light. I've swapped the wheels and tires for a cheap ebay flip flop set until I have time/money to dedicate to a proper refurb.

what's the difference between p8 & p9?

I think mine's a P8, but I don't know for sure. Catalogs say it's from 1985. Did yours still have that shit paper sticker on it?

I just got a black one myself.

yeah the other day I found one from this guy's garage sale and I didn't even know what it was only wanted to buy it cuz its a road bike for 20 bucks. i was planning to just resell it on CL for more money.. when I took it home and started cleaning it thats when i realize that the axle in the back wheel was broken... i went and found the part and fixed it... when i was putting everything together I realise that all the parts are from different places and besides the frame almost all the other parts are made of aluminum... thats not a sign of a crappy bike...and I took it out for a test ride it handles so smoothly.... so i started look into it more... for some reason there isn't any decal on the bike there's only a sticker with the name Carbolite 103 peugeot and it says its made in canada. thats how it lead me to here.... yeah my bike's condition isn't as great as yours.... yours look brand new... mine is missing the cool graphic metal peice in the front of the bike. but still it seems great... I might change it into a fixie if i get the money to do it... but then again I might just keep the bike as is I'll have to find out more about the history of this bike before I do... who knows.

Just bought a super sport today...

Hi there,

First off, amazing cycle. I just got this exact same frame today. I walked into a guys backyard to buy an old huffy frame, and writhing and crammed into the corner of his fence, was a white peugeot super sport frame. It looked horrible and it was covered in rust, tires were busted, and it needed some love. I dropped the huffy frame right then and told him I was buying that bike.

Short of the story I got the whole frame, plus one good front wheel, for THIRTY BUCKS!

Now I got this thing all shiny and cleaned, stripped it (which is a lovely feeling), and I am ready to convert it to a fixed gear french racing machine (or canadian)

My question is what do I do/buy first? I measured the wheels out and they seem to be 25 inches in diameter...

Ratios?Parts? So many things to consider...,help please....

27 inch wheels

pretty easy to switch to 700c, as long as your brakes work. could either take it to a shop to spread the dropouts or try it yourself.

if it was made before 1980-ish, probably has french component sizing, i.e. annoying expensive poop. there's some workarounds but it'll cost you.

super sport

Hey.. don't put too much stock in the Super Sport name. I don't think that tells you all you need to know about this Peugeot.

Your first question that must be answered is: is anything on there French threaded -- the bottom bracket most importantly. Don't buy anything till you know that! French is its own headache.


Hey Man Talk About Secretly Canadian!!!!

Hey JonD,

Fierygraves again. Just read that you are looking for a seat post I'll mesure my original tonight if you like. Mines a french made, the post wasn't that great. Anyway - yours if you need it.


This bike is beautiful

This bike is in beautiful condition. I have one just like it, in blue, which isn't in such good condition. I'll post some pictures eventually. I run 46/17 right now on mine, good and smooth.

I look forward to seeing it!

Thanks man. Is yours Canadian too? Definitely post it. I'm gonna put together a cluster for these guys soon.

The frame was such a find. It's my favorite bike and I will never part with it.

super sport

hey jon and company.
i just got one of these beautys yesterday. i am pretty sure it is made in canada. its in pretty good shape i just dont think as good as yous.

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