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'05 Specialized Langster

Easton EA60


Matte Black Deep V - Chrome Phil Wood (wrapped in Bontragers)

Matte Black Deep V (wrapped in Bontragers)



MKS - Izumi

Euro Asia Deluxe 1/8"

My 1st fixie...


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relax people

ATB I like Langsters,especially the steel versions.The choice of steel or aluminum is pure aesthetics for me.I think performance between the two is for stat reading,couch racing cyclists to argue about.They are both very cool, I would take either one in a minute.Relax and ride,cool bike by the way. I like the blackness.

pretty cool man

If you like it and it suits you, don't let anyone harsh you out...


I love the new pic of your bike..
but i have to admit.. i kinda miss the old one with you and your one arm.


kings POV on integrated headsets..

This article is dated 2002... so its possible they have changed their mind on it since, but im not gonna put any money on it..

They lied to me!

I was told at the local bike shop that I could fit a threadless King headset. Mehh, fuck it. It still rides fine.

without taking the time to

without taking the time to read that article, just trying to go off what i remember from reading it a long time ago, it talks about king not liking integrated headsets because it will eventaully ovalize the headtube, and as soon as it does, you can change bearings as much as you want, and the frame will always have a loose headset, so they don't make them, but as far as the langster goes, it's not an integrated headset, as they have the bearings sitting right on the machined inside of the headtube, where this one obviously has the cups pressed in, they're just shaped to look like it's integrated, so, point being, I said that king might not make a headset that fits, because as far as i know they make 1inch, 1-1/8inch, and 1-1/4inch headsets, and the kind on the langster is neither of the 3. I'm not sure what the inside diameter of the headset is, but i've got an old orbea frame at home some guy tried to scam on me through ebay, and the inside diameter is 40mm,. hope that helps, no one here's a dick, it's just not that common of a headset.

No, it's 1 1/8", integrated.

Like most (all?) Specialized bikes, the Langster shipped with a Specialized "Mindset" headset, which is an integrated 1 1/8" headset.

...not common of a headset is right!

Thanks for the insight. I actually read into that article and it cleared up some concerns and questions I had. My headset seems to be the biggest issue for me. It's fine now, but I'm sure I'd eventually like to upgrade it. BTW, I agree that no one here's a dick, just a few bike snobs who think it's okay trash-talk. Thanks again, MAIDEN RULES!

Creepiest bike photo on

Creepiest bike photo on velospace award!

That's not a normal 1-1/8

That's not a normal 1-1/8 headset, if i remember right, so look into that before you put out the cash for a chris king, cause chances are it's not gonna fit

duly noted

Thank you. I was warned prior to getting this bike about the headset. Should've listened...

He's right.

Chris King doesn't make integrated headsets.

Also, you're absolutely batshit crazy if you think that someone is going to trade you an Italian or keirin frame for a POS like the Langster. Don't let that stop you from trying to jump on the bandwagon, though!

Congrats, you're a giant douche bag!

I didn't realize YOU were authority on track bikes. Get a clue jackass, don't hate.

Sorry but...

It's science fact. Chris King doesn't make integrated headsets, but you obviously don't know anything about this, you just heard that Chris King made super-tight headsets, right?

I don't actually think there's anything wrong with the Langster, but it's also a fact that no one would ever trade a handmade steel Italian or keirin frame for some entry level aluminum clunker like a Langster.

... yah your a fucking idiot

... yah your a fucking idiot joshua,

Modern AL frames will outperform most of your so-called "handmade" vintage shit, not to mention frames like langsters still can be warrantied and aren't a complete mystery inside the tubes when you buy it (rust).

The only reason someone would buy steel over aluminum is for looks and steez man, you might think you know your shit about the current market and so does everyone else.

I went from steel to aluminum, and I was like whoopdeefucking do, I'm gonna rattle off some dumb shit that EVERYONE IS FUCKING AWARE OF. However, it's because of idiots like yourself that drive up the price of steel vintage shit to begin with. Am I right?

If you actually ride your bike, you'll think consciously about the shit your spewing.

^you so funny

^you so funny

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