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1986-87 Eddy Merckx Pista

Bike tags: Track bike | 54cm | Belgium | campagnolo | cinelli | more tags >>
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1986/7 Eddy Merck Pista, Columbus SLX, Team Faema colors

Cinelli 67-39 Pista bars, Eddy Merckx panto Cinelli 1R stem

Eddy Merckx, Campagnolo C-Record

Campagnolo C-Record, Ambrosio Giro d'Italia Servizio Corse

Campagnolo C-Record, Ambrosio Giro d'Italia Servizio Corse

Campagnolo C-Record, 47t Eddy Merckx panto Campagnolo chainring, Phil Wood 111mm bottom bracket

Cinelli Unicanitor, Campagnolo Record seatpost

Campagnolo C-Record pedals, straps, and toe clips, Sachs 1/8" chain

17t EAI cog

Re-painted in Team Faema colors at the Merckx factory in Belgium sometime in 2007.

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Hot bike, I really like the

Hot bike, I really like the silver bar wrap.

Absolute perfection (apart

Absolute perfection (apart from the black tires)






so nice

Eddy Merck Pista

Where did you get your handlebar tape?

Handlebar tape

eBay. It's Benotto Celo tape.

awesome build

beautiful. love that panto chainring. I'm wondering how you dated it? Mine seems to be the same model year from the serial number. looks something like A-1234-A. I found the info here: Do you think its accurate?


Geometry, colors, parts, tubing. My God! Astonishing. Probably the best bike on this site!


this might be my favorite bike on here. noice!

By far my favorite build...

on Velospace. If that was in a 57cm I would bribe you to sell it to me. Ride the hell out of it!!!

This might be of interested to you...

I was looking through some mid-80's Merckx catalogs and it seems that the color scheme of your frame is not Faema, but rather Lotto. Lotto went through a lot of different color schemes in the '80s and that was one of them. Check this picture:

The White/Red is Faema...

...and the yellow with white panels is Lotto. It specifically said in the blog post you lifted that pic from that only the yellow and white is Lotto.
-Jeremy (the guy who wrote the blog post)


Despite what that catalog shows, this bike is indeed intended to be the Faema colors. It was repainted at the Merckx factory in 2007. I have the receipt which clearly states "Team Faema colors" right on it. So, while a great bit of detective work, it unfortunately is not applicable to this particular frame.

You are a true junkie! Nice

You are a true junkie! Nice collection!!


No Japanese here. A real thoroughbred except for the cog.


I hereby commission you to find a me a non-US, non-Japanese 17t, 1/8" cog.

german cog? did you even really look?or do you need a njs stamp"hahaha" :)


I had no idea those German cogs existed. Thanks for the link. Eviljam will be very happy I will finally be able to remove that last bit of non-European componentry from my bike. Just kidding Anthony!


On this work of art only one brand is appropriate.


and that would be?




The company that makes the hockey helmets?

Has anyone noticed the new Eddy Merckx Pista comes complete with a full Miche group? Just sayin'...

good lord!

good lord!


Absolutely stunning.....

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