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baby whip

Bike tags: Fixed gear | SF IRO pink baby blue phil hubs fizik
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IRO / Chris King

Velocity / Phil Wood

Velocity / Phil Wood


Fizik / Durace


46 x 17

the baby whip lives in SF

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I dig!!!

We have the same wheel setup. Velocity Fusion rims and high-flanged phil wood hubs. I ride in NYC so these puppies are a must. You must be a bright person, it shows in your bike's colorway.

I've been seein this bike on

I've been seein this bike on the bike forums for a few days now.
it's hyper cute

you're an oakland kid right?

Fabulous color scheme!

Fabulous color scheme!

Response to Various Comments

Sorry, I hadn't logged on in a while. Yes, I actually ride this bike - to Santa Cruz, Point Reyes Station, even at Hellyer!

It was painted by Maas Brothers through Montano Velo in Oakland.


my my my!! this is suh-weet! where'd did you get it painted btw? looking for some painters with a good rep.

Your bike..

...Makes me want to drink red bull w/ vodka and play with rubik's cubes all night long.

This looks like a toy. Do

This looks like a toy. Do you actually ride it?


love love love it

i think i just peed

i think i just peed


nice colors!

i dream of this bike...

and the dreams are sweeeeet


My eyeballs almost popped out when your bike flashed up on "random." Well done! Very attention-getting and beautifully executed.

That bicycle is "Hermosa"

Like we say in Spanish... "Hermosa"...

Ride Strong, peace be the journey...

Gary Gutiérrez
msn messenger: [email protected]


Props for the pink.

did you paint your Iro

did you paint your Iro yourself or was it professionally done? looks classy.


what size is this frame? hot btw

color coated

sweet like candy

I really like your IRO, it

I really like your IRO, it reminds me of my Cannondale. Who makes your tube pad?

TT Cover... made by reload.

thanks for all the compliments! :)

i agree!

this is one of the best IROs i've ever seen, if not the best. very nice ride.


pretty fucking sweet! Good color combo

Hottest IRO ever!!

Hottest IRO ever!!

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