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Roger's Sekine

Bike tags: Fixed gear | Single speed | Road bike | Commuter
Bike photo
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Sekine stripped and repainted (see "before" pic)

Vintage tandem bars cut down and refinished/Nitto stem

Stock Sekine

Formula hub w/ Weinmann rim

Formula flip flop hub w/ Weinmann rim

Sugino salvaged from abandoned Fuji

Brooks B-17 w/ generic post

Pedals salvaged form abandoned Fuji

42/17 fixed 42/18 free

This bike is intended to be a cruiser fixie but works well for aggressive riding with the bars flipped (see photo)

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neat idea, but that picture with the bars forward makes my wrists hurt.

Let's Farm Forever Together

Retro fun

ATB I really like your bike with bars flipped back.Very cool.

Odd hole?

Very nice restoration, it is nice that everything was clamp on, very clean.

I think we have the same frame. Does your rear drop out on the drive side have an odd block, spacer, stop or whatever you call it, that leaves an axle size hole behind it?

Dude, Man!

I am impressed on the condition of the olive green model, it's quite like the one I am restoring. You have a few things that I don't have, such as the rack on the back. Identical frame, tho. Beautiful work on the others as well.

Awesome job!!!

What you did to your bike is truely astounding, especially what it looked like before. You know I'm constantly amazed by all these beautiful bikes here on Velospace and how thier owners breathed new life into them and gave them a second life. I think I now believe in reincarnation!:)

"Before" pic is great!

Outstanding work restoring this bike! Thanks for including the before picture.

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