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Blue and gold

Bike tags: Track bike | 48cm
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Still waiting on those damn straps but I had to ride...

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gold nitto seatpost would complete this bike

Gold Nitto Seatpost

the gold nitto seatpost and your bike is 100% perfect.

check the trade/sale, i've add the gold nitto seatpost unused, buy it!


nothin' like a panasonic with gold writing. i don't see much of those. hotness... i'm thinking of moving to bk if i land this job in manhattan. if you're down to ride hit me up i live in jersey for now...

Rx 1

Ahhh you have RX 1 pedals, they spin so much when I try to get my feet in them hah. We should ride sometime being that I'm in Westchester.

haha..they do spin freely

haha..they do spin freely but it doesnt bother me that much. Are you ever in Brooklyn? Im down to ride!


I've never ridden in BK, nor the city in general, if you wanna meet up in Manhatten I'm down at like GCT.


I can do either it just

I can do either it just takes me about an hour to ride to midtown.

thats a sweet ride you got

thats a sweet ride you got there.

ucla student?

ucla student?

Not UCLA...

Im in Brooklyn. Wishing I was in LA weather right now!

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