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Track Bike Racer!

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78' Windsor

3ttt adjustable, rizerz


hed jet CARBON!!!!

not sure maybe nitto?

They are old, getting sugino 75s

brooks' pro model

sylvans and a black chain


This thing is sooooo fast. taking it to the track in the spring. gotta learn to stop with out breaks though, falling all the time is starting to hurt.

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rad build

unfortunately people arent finding this as funny as i did :-/

njs pumps and nitto wheels are DA BESS MANG


i think its pretty funny. in a retarded, embarassing sort of way...


this whole page entertained me

I like this a lot, nice

I like this a lot, nice build, but yeah vvvv thats definitely not 14t in the back and nitto doesn't make wheels. and why the bandana? really detracts from the nice build.

that stem is wild!

that stem is wild!

yea O..o

i dont think its a good idea to be buyin all these components and gettin stickered up and stuff if u havent mastered brakeless. get a helmet, KEEP YOUR LIGHTS. not to be mean. but u can get someone killed or yourself. i take the train up to san fran to visit buddies and its not all flat land. there are narly ups and downs. mad traffic. i saw a cyclist get beheaded cuz he couldnt stop going through a busy 4 way intersection. respect to all u riders though. keep the tradition alive and thrivin.


the bike itself is pretty

the bike itself is ok.
i like the basket.

a lot

i like.

HED jet 60

Very nice bike …. I have the same wheel but in 650c and I’m having some trouble getting it Laced is yours a 24 spoke and what hub are u using, my wheel is a rear wheel and I want to make it a front can u help!!!

Lol @ troll. Statement

Lol @ troll.

Statement against velospace?
Statement against hipsters?
Statement against boredom?

Or are you really just that silly?

Lets hope not. I like the bike though.

This Must be a Joke

Sick frame and toeclips, but I'm guessing this whole thing about a "break and 14 tooth cog" is a joke.... I also like the basket...I need that for beer runs!


that is an awesome bike, but you are an idiot. Put a brake on if you cant stop, your parents are also as stupid for not making you use a brake, but just a reflector.

get a brake, their not so bad.


dope ass bike mang! gotta ace that lame front wheel though, it's killing the vibe.

lawlz bike! funny joke--i

lawlz bike!

funny joke--i hope?


whatever man your hella gay if you cant skid go get a brake you poser ass fakenger

whatever man its just a bike

whatever man its just a bike everyone has to start somewhere.

great comment, thanks for

great comment, thanks for raising the bar around here

yeah crashing sucks

but when yr drunk it doesnt hurt as bad, till the next day... but its cool, brakes are out, besides i think i read somewhere that san fransico is totally flat, so you have nothing to worry about... haha

no... we have hills in san

no... we have hills in san francisco. Breaks are for pussys who don't know anything about bikes.

Breaks are for pussys who don't know anything about bikes.

"Breaks are for pussys who don't know anything about bikes"

If you cant stop you are in this category anyway

So ask your parents real nice and get a "break"

Breaks are for pussys who don't know anything about bikes.

"Breaks are for pussys who don't know anything about bikes"

If you cant stop you are in this category anyway

So ask your parents real nice and get a "break"

wait this is serious?

im totally confused now


the first guy wasn't serious, and the second guy thought he was being serious, and retorted stupidly


ok- if you need to have one piece of safety equipment-go for the helmet over the reflector. the helmet is not on the bike, thus not effecting the look of the bike itself ( cause you're concerned) but coming from someone who has had a fair share of falls- the helmet will help you in more falls than the reflector will prevent. I'm not being an ass- just lookin out.


nice pump indeed

Frame pump!

That frame pump is sick! That reflector in the back will make shit less aero dude. Maybe you should remove it.


Reflector has to stay on... my STUPID parents make me keep it on.
Guy at the shop said the pump was njs.... I'm so stoked!

re sooo fast

But if I don't go fast I wont get to be a good rida. I should get a break and a helmet though. But I don't like how either look.

sooooo fast?

dont go sooooo fast if you can't stop.

and thats not a 14t cog in

and thats not a 14t cog in the back

Learning to stop without

Learning to stop without brakes will lead to learning to stop without breaks.


it's like a really nice fake work bike.

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