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"Charlie" my Benotto single speed that was abandoned and rescued .........

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Nitto with a Cinelli stem

Benotto and Campagnolo

For now Shimano but a vintage Campy hub is being built

Same as front wheel

Campagnolo Pista crank with light weight pista chain ring

Brooks B-17 Limited edition and Campagnolo post

Campagnolo vintage track

For now 47-15

This bike was rescued from the previous owner that abandoned it at a bike shop, before it was going in the trash bin. Quite a bit of frame work and now the fun task to make it an all Italian older single speed bike. My first single speed bike !!!

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one of...

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"When the goin' gets weird, the weird turn pro." H.S.T.

That is now my new "motto"

Thank you for the nice words.



stem, bars and saddle!

Sorry for my delay

The stem is Cinelli, the bars are Nitto and the saddle is a Brrok limited adition B-17

coaster brake

how is it riding with a coaster brake?
can you stop well?
i have always loved the simplicity of coaster brakes.
also,great bike. so simple.

Sorry for my delay

The ride with the coaster brake is fine, It takes a little to get used to coming from road bikes but it stops well. It would be better if I had a front brake.
Thank you for your nice comments


hmm cool, interesting bike, long time since ive seen single speed coaster bike :)

Sorry for my delay

Yes you are right:-)
I had to compromise since I did not want to have regular brakes mounted and did not feel good enough to handle a fixed gear. Mainly I did not want to rear end anybody.................

Bars are upside down, man!

Bars are upside down, man!

Sorry for my delay

Good eye !!!
Yes they are and purposely so.
I have a bad back and they were too low for me to ride so I tried them upside down and it is much more comfortable.
I am not a young chick anymore ..... :-)

Er, I guess not, but you're

Er, I guess not, but you're a tall one.

Still, totally gorgeous bike.

(It would be nice if Velospace said when someone responded to a post so you didn't have to stumble across a response months later...)

Yes indeed

You are right, in fact once again I just saw your comment. THX, I am almost 6'4" so the unconventional upside down bars are a wonder.
All the best

coaster brake? awesome!

coaster brake?

Sorry for my delay

Hi there,
As I stated before, I did not trust myself to ride with a fixed gear. I would hate to wreck it by rear ending somebody or worse end up in the ER because of some wild "ego" thought I had at the wrong time of my life.............. :-)


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