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CDale Crit Conversion         Featured Bike! on 12/19/2011

Bike tags: Fixed gear | Single speed | Track bike | Road bike | cannondale
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'88 Cannondale Crit - 54cm??

Tange headset

Eric's Eccentric ENO hub, Wheelsmith Spokes, Mavic rim

49t Miche Track Crankset, Campy Chorus BB

soon to be a 16t White ENO Freewheel...I'm not much for fixies on the road...can be kinda dangerous in my area


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sick paint job....

one mans junk is definitely another mans treasure.......

you brought the beast out of this one......
nice job on the restoration.....

turned out well...

just be careful, FTBS wasn't that far off with his warning. '88 was a while ago and especially if you don't know the history of what the bike was used for. Ride safe and enjoy though!

Thx for the advice! Turns

Thx for the advice! Turns out it was single owner and beautiful all around when I got it in July '06. Didn't have to replace a single part for more than a year of all-weather city riding + courier work and 2 months of sand and salty air. Eventually she'll give out, but I've enjoyed every second of the time we've spent together!


that you gave this frame some love, bro. turned out GREAT! more pedal power to ya~

"When the goin' gets weird, the weird turn pro." H.S.T.

Glad someone else

Glad someone else appreciates the love of the bike! I'm kinda odd because I treat each bike like it has a soul. Maybe I'm just crazy, but if you treat them right, they behave better...plain and simple.

I never pay a whole lot for

I never pay a whole lot for frames, so I've never had one that was worth the cash to powdercoat it, but i've had plenty of 15 year old cannondales that are still working fine for me, and considering you spent 0 on the whole thing, who cares if anything happens to the frame, sound like a good project to me.

ooh, and if you wanna try anything aside from powdercoating, I've used the brush-on rustoleum that you can get in little 3-4inch tall containers a couple times and they hold up really well, 3 thick coats and i think you're pretty close to a powder coat

not to rain on your parade...

and im not saying this isnt a fine build, but i wouldn't invest much in the frame, per se. Maybe rattle can vs. powdercoat. Putting nice bits on it is just fine, as they can be transferred to whatever frame in the future. but i would be wary of the frame's longevity. I had a crit frame like that break on me, *during the build*. I never even got it onto the street. If the history is suspect (most of those saw hard use in real crits) just be cautious...

thats the most back-asswards

thats the most back-asswards reasoning i've ever heard and that frame is so old, it should be tossed. aluminum isnt steel, it doesnt last forever. lets turn a crit bike into a fixed gear because we cant affod to build it for what it was designed for. you cant polish a turd.


Nice point, and I'm glad you think highly of someone taking pride in something they own, so sorry if I offended you by my love for wrenching a bike together. Personally, I'm quite proud of the work that I've done and I've received nothing but positive comments from people that are more than just a profile on a website. So what if I can't afford to replace the entire bike that is my everyday commute bike...this turd keeps me out of gross-ass public transit. And congratulations for thinking so highly of the effort that the person at Cannondale put into this frame in February of '88.

Is there anyone out there that has something to add of importance? Oh yeah, the other people that commented already...Thanks for the suggestions!

Merry Christmas,


p.s. It's bass-ackwards, and steel doesn't last forever either...rust?


damn. shot that idea down.

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