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Ghetto Fab Racer

Bike tags: Track bike
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Medici Pro Pista


Phil Wood/ Velocity Deep V

Phil Wood/ Velocity Deep V

Miche Cranks/ Campy BB

Turbo Saddle

MKS/ Izumi

49x15Dura Ace

I bought the frame from a guy named Tristan.
Currently, I am training with this bike at the Superdrome in Frisco, Texas.

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thats crazy. . . i had the

thats crazy. . . i had the same frame but in green in yellow. havent seen anyothers with that paint scheme nor many medicis in general. my frame snapped right above the BB so watch out. . .

in nrh , tx

in nrh , tx

nice tires ;)when the

nice tires ;)

when the standing still subsides, the moving will resides.
each covert compassion yields to its known spectacle.

are those vittoria tires?

are those vittoria tires?

dont think so

looks like michelin

Yeah I think those are

Yeah I think those are michelin Giro D'Italia's.


I miss my bike!

Hope she's treating you well =)

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