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A few shifter brake conversions I have done for people...

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You can convert certain shift levers into brake levers. They must have reinforced cable stops (arms on both sides of the stops, not just on one side) to work properly, and achieve the proper braking power.

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i like this, its fun,

i like this, its fun, creative, and makes the bars seem a little more free if you're on a fixed gear and using your brakes very little or only for legal purposes

props, keep up the good work


thats different

What, a guy cant try something new???

Ya know, we learn through trying stuff out. You go right ahead and do what you like man, and forget about that those other hot heads say if it works for you!!

Personally, I think I'm going to try the grip-shift thing...!


I'm building a recycled road bike, I may try this, seems like a fun alternative. Any other cool ideas like this?

YES! I have converted grip

YES! I have converted grip shifters into brake levers too. They are my favorite. Sorry I don't have a pic, I will post one the next time I build one up.

Ha...neat idea.

Ha...neat idea.


why can't you use a regular brake lever in seattle???

or, you could just use a

or, you could just use a regular lever. right?

i'm with this guy. this just

i'm with this guy. this just seems like disaster waiting to happen. has nothing to do with being elitist, just seems silly. there is no spring, so does that mean you have to pull it back into position after squeezing it? brake levers exist for a reason...don't be weird just for the sake of being weird.

You dont even know what your talking about!

Brake calipers have springs in them. Many brake levers dont have springs in them. They snap right back into place. Also, you are able to keep all 4 fingers on the bars while braking, feeling much more stable under a really heavy stop.

uh. brake calipers have a

uh. brake calipers have a spring in them.


You can't use a regular brake lever. Damn, I am in Seattle all the time, as I am writing this in fact. If you didnt leave such a stupid comment, I would ask you to show me around your town..... But it sounds as though you are an elitist prick.


i'm glad i came off as an elitist prick, considering i'm a fifteen year old high school student who couldn't give less of a fuck whether you're "in Seattle all the time" or not. please go and ride one of your fixie conversions into a brick wall, and if you happen to live through that, please stay in denver where you belong. go find someone else to show you around town, creep.


incarnate - I knew there was a reason I kept all those old shifters around.

make sure....

You use shifters that have arms on both sides of the housing stop.
The ones with only one arm flex tooo much under braking.


Thanks - I'll post pictures

Thanks - I'll post pictures of what I work up!

alright alright thats hot

alright alright thats hot

Thanks man!

Thanks man!

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