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**Cannondale Track '92**

Bike tags: Fixed gear | Track bike | 52cm | aluminum | fixed gear | more tags >>
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Cannondale Track '92


Stock - Suntour Superbe Pro

SHIT - Deep V - SPIN

Phil - Fusion

Sugino 75 - Sugino Zen Racing - Suntour Superbe Pro

SLR - Nitto SP72

MKS - Toshi Doubles - Izumi V "Super Toughness"

47/17 -

Stock frame finish from '92.



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Judging by all the components on all of your bikes, and how many beautiful bikes you have, you must make BANK.

-Sean Scandalous

hey howd u originally get

hey howd u originally get this frame i really want one!

did you

sell that spin wheel too? i'd love to take it off your hands if you stil have it.

Sold. Sorry man.

Sold. Sorry man.






This is my favorite bike on velospace! so so sexy.

Salamat Pare!!

Sometimes... Eberything is ok. Come on, you eat Pirst!

This and your...

gan well pro are two of my favorites on here.

oh man, another bike. looks

oh man, another bike. looks sick though! i saw it on hkfixed lol

Thanks man! Bro, you gotta

Thanks man! Bro, you gotta come out to our rides again man. Last night was sick. Did more drinkin then riding but some of the nights turn out like that. HAHAHA.

Looking good!

Looking good!

You're at it again aye?!

Love the new ride Bruddah. I know that shit definitely rides as fast as it looks!

too much vignetting??

I love Lamp.


I'm Ron Burrgunndy???

HAHA! crazy guys! Thanks!

HAHA! crazy guys! Thanks! The bike has been good to me. This will never leave my hands. EVER. haha

Herb? WTF??? english bro, English. You isa in Amelica now! ahah.

was this on ebay a few weeks

was this on ebay a few weeks ago? i saw a frame just like this, a 52 cm, and it was pretty much perfect.
anyways, amazing bike. looks good

Thanks man! Actually i

Thanks man! Actually i picked it up from the guy that bought it for 0 complete on ebay. Stock. Oh how i wish that was me.

nice job

yo there are a lot of bikes on here and this is one of the freshest ones


I'm speechless.



Doomo Arigato!

Doomo Arigato!

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