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SANNINO RECORD Columbus SL campagnolo road bike 56cm

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Sannino Columbus SL


Sannino SL fork, Campy Record pista headset

Campagnolo S. Record hub, Mavic GP4 Tubular rim

Campagnolo S. Record hub, Mavic GP4 Tubular rim

campagnolo S. Record crankset, Campagnolo N. Record BB

San Marco Rolls saddle, Campagnolo S. Record seatpost

Campagnolo S. Record pedals, Regina CX chain hollow

Regina CX

My bicycle is now finished! Nos Victory brakeset, Campy S. Record wheelset, S. Record front and rear derailleur, S.Record seatpost, S. Record crankset and pedals! The photos are from the finished bike! Hope you like it!!!!

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Nice bike!! New paint job??

Nice bike!! New paint job?? The seat is also very classy. How do you compare it to other seats you have on the other bikes? By the way, I noticed you have quite a collection!

Thank you! Rolls is a very

Thank you!
Rolls is a very comfortable saddle and classy too!

About my collection, moser is ready and I'm finishing a coppi fiorelli bike now!

the rolls looks super classy

the rolls looks super classy on that bike, nice nice nice

Agree!!! The look of the


The look of the leather on a NOS rolls is fantastic!

It is...

...breath taking! I especially like the color.


Thank you andjelko!

Thank you andjelko!


hello George, I like your Sannino. I have one just like it in original condition in my attic. I bought it in 1985. There was an issue of Bicycling Magazine that had a photo of an Italian Girl standing next to a Sannino. I still have that magazine and Sannino product brochure in some box stored away. I had to have one. My bike has a white Cinelli saddle and a Cinelli "criterium" style handle bars. The groupo is Campy Super Record. Seems if my memory is correct,the frame cost five hundred. The campy super record group was six hundred and assorted extras made it a fifteen hundred dollar bike in mid 80's. The paint is faded now, but no rust. Your bike looks a lot better. My saddle is now very dry. I rode that bike hard for 5 years. Its got thousands of miles on it. I never had a wreck on it. But it has scars from traveling to criteriums.
I also bought a matching "track" version with campy old style for components. I think they are 55 cm size. Seeing your bike makes me glad I saved it all these years. I need to get them out and Ride!! You have a nice bike. Nice collection. thanks, Bill

Hello Bill! Thanks for your

Hello Bill!
Thanks for your words!
Please add your sannino on velospace! Waiting photos of your bike!

It's a GIOS!

Hi George,

Very nice and very rare bike. Did you know it's closely related to a GIOS because it was build by Sannino who was a frame builder at GIOS in Torino?



Gios New A-90, Campagnolo Record.

lovely bike! The relation

lovely bike! The relation with Gios shows even in the paintscheme, first impression before clicking on the thumbnailpic is: 'hey a gios';-)

Rear drop outs looks like

Rear drop outs looks like GIOS (drilled). I can't confirm that, maybe...

nice bike.

nice bike.

beautiful bike

beautiful bike

Like it?

Very much, thank-you.


Good work, came out really nice!

when can we expect

to see it hacksawed and angle-grinder-ed into yer kewl fixie whip? (but please don't, really don't)

Never my friend! No this

Never my friend! No this bike!

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