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Fixed Gear Bike with Transmission Brake

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Bianchi Rollo Beach Cruiser Thing

Some crappy stuff, Stem will be changed immediately


Is a 26". Should be and will be a 700c

OE 700c

whatever was easy to reach

I care

Pedals are Wellgo prototypes not available to the public yet - "Don't Worry Be Happy"

I really don't remember

As you may have noticed, The only distinctive feature of this bike is the disc brake mounted above the bottom bracket shell. Because the bike is a fixed gear slowing or stopping the rotation of the cranks does the same thing to the rear wheel. Brilliant, eh? You can thank GW of the Trek Store Pittsburgh for coming up with this idea. I just helped him make it work by welding a disc mount in the appropriate location.

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disc attachment

Cool contraption! How you managed to fix the disk rotor on the crankarm? Does it run true to the bb's axel? I tried something similar, I bolted the disc on the chainring, but turns out that the chainring wobbles a lot, it doesn't matter for the drive train but is pretty significant for the disc brake proposals.

please could you show me how to adress this problem.

Great Idea

I've seen this done before where as the Disc was attached to the inner bolt circle of a triple crank that was singlized.Good Work


chain ,oil and brakes....


that is awesome



imn sorry but this is a bad

imn sorry but this is a bad idea , it is like those old schwinns that had the freehub built into the front crank instead of the rear wheel
think of it this way , the disk gets hot , your leg is right next to it .... oh and god forbid you slip onto the disk somehow



Bash guard?

Never seen anything like that! Function times two, Bash guard plus brake. That’s just too cool!

haha, easy skids doink

haha, easy skids


does anyone

happen to know what color green that is? thanks

there's no point to this.

there's no point to this. if your chain breaks you are still fucked. but its cool if your chain doesn't break. it looks kind of wack either way


Sycip copied GW's idea and had it on a bike at the Handmade Show in Portland. You an see a pic of it here.
I guess imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

I absolutely love it!

I absolutely love it!

Holy Awesome

What is the actual disc mounted to? I've gotta try this one myself!


The disk is bolted to the the threaded holes for the inner ring on the crank arm.

disc application-

diggin it!


The answer to the question never asked...
but I have to admit, I like it!


Pardon the subject line...but daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn. What an idea. I live in the 'burgh too. Can I ride it?

Skids have to be insane on this rig!


how cool! haha. really cool looking bike.

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