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Rush Hour Pro 57cm

Nitto B123AA gold, Dimension or FSA carbon chopped, Nitto UI5GX

Raleigh carbon, FSA integrated

Paul Hub 32h-DT Swiss Comp-DeepV-Vittoria Rubino

Paul Hub 32h-DT Swiss Comp-DeepV-Vittoria Rubino

FSA Pro Carbon Track / Platinum ISIS

A well worn Brooks Pro, Nitto Jag gold.

Gold MKS RX-1, Gold MKS cages, MKS Fit Alpha/Sport straps, Izumi Super Toughness

EAI 17T, Sugino 75 48T


When did you get your Raleigh?

I wish

I wish Raleigh would never have stopped producing these.
Such rad frames!

Lovely. . .

Simply lovely

On a forum called "tarck

On a forum called "tarck bike" someone posted pictures of a yellow rush hour pro which ive never seen or heard of before... All the compnents are the EXACT same as your bike, It has to be yours im assuming... Whats the deal with a yellow rush hour pro? I want to know more.

Okay nevermind, i just

Okay nevermind, i just discovered your other bike. How'd you get the concept frame after the 2 others broke? I wouldent mind my frame breaking if the outcome were one of

Not sure how I lucked out...

But they sent me the frame 08 concept I guess they ran out of 07 frames. I'm glad they did it rides beautifully.

What i meant was i thought

What i meant was i thought they were refusing to give you another after the first 2 broke... maybe it was because they had no others like you said and they just decided to give it to you for all the trouble. Your a lucky man

I am lucky

and I hope your 07 build turns out well they are wonderful to ride.


Its actually an 06. Ill post

Its actually an 06. Ill post some pictures soon even though its not complete. its kinda ghetto right now, i hope to be riding it soon.

Please tell me what has been

Please tell me what has been breaking with your's, i bought one of these and i haven't yet built it up now you have me nervous.... mine was off craigslist and its repainted, i dont know that i'd ever get any replacement frames if it broke.

the problem area

seems to be the top of the seat tube. It cracks down the front. As i said below I thought i may have overtightened it on the first frame, but seeing as I only put about 30 miles and tightened the seat minimally this time (all the while babying the frame) it's a manufacturing issue. Raleigh has refused to replace or warranty the second one. I know other people who have the frame and the same thing has happened... But perhaps you may have better luck. It was a great ride though.

I have faith in mine.... was

I have faith in mine.... was your seat post the right size? I dont see how thats possible... Is yours completly useless right now?

everything fit perfect.

Raleigh apparently stopped making the frame most likely i would wager due to this issue. I know of 3 other frames it happened to in the same exact spot. I know how to tighten my gear and i would never put anything janky together to "make it work" I hope you have better luck with yours it does ride wonderfully but i guess all I can say is be warned.

Until i witness it myself,

Until i witness it myself, my nature just tells me that it could only happen if your seat tube was too thin or too short, not to be a dick. the down tube gets wider on the inside past the the tt joint but its reinforced on the back which should leave no stress on the front. unless its over tightened and has too small or short of a seatpost it just dosent seem possible to malfunction unless being used properly. Thanks for the warnings.

good luck

I wont harp on it but I can assure you The build was legit as was the installation. Good luck with your build and if it holds up it will be beautiful ride.

Alright, Thanks!

Alright, Thanks!

i honestly think that this

i honestly think that this is the only bike capable of using that gold gruppo. anything else is subpar. sweet build.

.ride it till it dies.


looks fast standing there, hehe! great, great bike!


did you crack the seat tube?I have wanted to get one of those frames but I'm hard on my bikes and I am also about 200lbs. do you think it would hold up on the street?no freestyle stuff just hard street riding.


I'm not sure how it happened. it was a hairline crack. I thought I may have overtightened the seat pin... But raleigh took the frame back and said it had happened on another frame... so ? I do know that now I've been riding the new frame a lot and mostly on the street and it's holding up great even on the crappy streets in Long Beach CA.


I fell in love with this thing the second I saw it.
Great color choices hombre.

Sucks about the cracked seat

Sucks about the cracked seat tube, this thing looks great. Are they replacing the frame?

they are sending me a new

they are sending me a new frame after quite a bit of back and forth and ...wont be making the frame in 08' go figure.

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