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Hello Kitty =)         Featured Bike! on 06/28/2011

Bike tags: Fixed gear
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street soldier


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This is cute! :)

This is cute! :)

godam you hellokitty your

godam you hellokitty your everywhere :P.... ride safe

you and your bike completely

you and your bike completely fail.

says the guy with a windsor

says the guy with a windsor hour w/all stock parts. haha.

edit: @coolkidjen your bike is cute, do your thing. might want to lower your stem a bit, but whatever is comfortable for you.


fail to whom? you? what credentials do you posses to think that you can apply, enforce, and successfully impact me through your "revered" opinion?

this was my own project and yet, its still fun and practical.

but my poor eyes..

but my poor eyes..


Kitty! and compromising on how much pink you use are not compatible ideas gassy :P



I love your paint. I wish I

I love your paint. I wish I could repaint my bicycle all black with a sparkle...

Lookin good soldier!

Thanks my love! :) Maybe we

Thanks my love! :)

Maybe we can paint your bike again soon!

Go Team Windsor!

Go Team Windsor!


Soon you're gonna be good enough to keep up with me! Haha



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