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Peugeot PG-10

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Reynolds 501


Reynolds 501

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Titan Tech


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Shiny forks:)

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well i think i'll

chop it up and add full suspension, paint it a rainbow color scheme, get the craziest moustache bars, fix gear it, add the most outrageous fenders i can find, put a lawn mower wheel on the front, and a disc brake for the back...

you forgot skis

for riding in vermont

a good find

please don't make it a *****ing fixed!

who cares if he does?

you tweed/lycra wearing, geared nuts think you're the only ones in the world that should ride bikes.
i enjoy riding my steel framed, geared roadie as much as i enjoy riding my fixed wheel.
understand that bikes do not belong to you.... they belong to all. and they can do whatever the hell they want to them. bikes don't go out of fashion... people do!

Fine bike

This is a fine (if not exactly high end) bike. Clean it up and ride it and don't put silly riser bars and a fixed gear on it.

... wait, so if it *was* a

... wait, so if it *was* a really nice bike, he should put silly risers and a fixed gear on it? What are your criteria here?

Put on silly risers, a fixed gear, and a stark white powdercoat if you want. Or go all out with the silly pink! Or put ape hangers, a 20" front, a fixed gear, a banana seat, and a yellow-green fade paint job. My suggestions are just as good as Timj's, except that he's being negative about it.

And if it was a really nice bike

That would be even more reason not to not to weird it out. Just my view:)

Didn't mean to be negative

My view is that once a bike is chopped, chunked, and formed, and the fixie fashion passes, the bike will end just end up dying quietly in the basement or end up on the trash heap. And you suggestions are just fine.


there is far too much negativity full stop out here. its a bike!.. relax!

this is a deadly little bike mate do what ever the f...k you want with it and enjoy the thing..

i have a shitty old green peugeot, its my drunk bike i love it..


Bye bye Velospace!

The only poser I see here is

The only poser I see here is you dude. I doubt you ride bikes, why bother visiting a bike website?

Wow! Exactly my old bike!

Wow! Exactly my old bike!

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