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Custom Painted Nishiki Commuter

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Nitto RB-09 42cm, Cinellia 1A 9cm

Nishiki, Generic

Nashbar Track Hub 32H laced 3X to Sun CR-18 rim

Nashbar Track Hub 32H laced 3X to Sun CR-18 rim

Sugino double with DIY bashguard and Shimano XT BB

Brooks B-17 Narrow



I've ridden this bike nearly every day, rain or shine, for a year & a half, and I've now repainted it twice, with two different color schemes. Originally teal and white, the first repainted was black and hot rod orange with a white head tube. When that paint got sufficiently beat up, I repainted it again to what you see here.

It's also gone through many configuration changes - from SKS fenders to now Berthoud stainless steel, many different handlebars, and a front rack which will eventually come back.

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if it wasn't for...

if it wasn't for the bars, I would really like this bike...

I have an old Nishiki as well, which I love. It is my winter bike/wet weather commuter. The paint looks great and the fenders look classy.... I'm just not a fan of Bullhorns... but different strokes for different folks... the important thing is that you're happy with it, which I'm sure you are...


Nice Photos

Nice clean bike sans the bottle cage

Funny, I think it's a nice

Funny, I think it's a nice clean bike *with* the bottle cage. Water's useful. I like water.

your nishiki commuter

tastefully done~

Custom Paint

I was just wondering what type of paint you used to paint the bike? I recently did my own paint job as well, nice bike.

This is...

...a wonderful bike. Nice build and excellent choices!


Just beautiful. Perfect with the stainless fenders. Wonderful lines.

Great Look. Thank you.

Great Look. Thank you.

Commuter Appreciation

This bike is beautiful. A nice addition to the planet.

Incredibly artistic and

Incredibly artistic and tasteful. Major props.

aww thanks

your is purdy as well.......i wanna switch up the colors though wat do ya think????

Best photo on the site!

The bike is sweet too! nice work!

Beautiful build...

Awesome bike! May I ask where you got your crank and bashguard? Would love one for the commuter I'm building.

The crank is just some old

The crank is just some old Sugino thing - the bashguard is just a chainring which I filed the teeth off of using a Dremel.

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