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Eddy Merckx Track Bike 1981

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Bike photo
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Columbus lugged steel with Eddy Merckx stamped track fork ends

3TTT Eddy Merckx pantographed

Merckx fork and Campy Record headset and Campy fork ends

Campy Record high-flange track hub laced to Mavic track rims with Vittoria sew-ups and tied spokes

Campy Record high-flange track hub laced to Mavic track rims with Vittoria sew-ups and tied spokes

Campy Record 165 pista cranks, Eddy Merckx bottom bracket

Concor saddle, Campy Eddy Merckx logo pantographed seat post

Campy Record track pedals with Campy clips and Eddy Merckx straps, Regina CX chain

Campy, 49 X 17

This is an early bike from the Eddy Merckx workshop in Belgium. The bike is,I believe, entirely original. The Cannibal himself tagged this bike on the top tube, apparently at the 1981 New York City Bicycle Show, where Merckx was introducing his bikes to the US market. I wish I knew more about the circumstances of Merckx signing the bike...

UPDATE: Mystery solved! I wrote to the Eddy Merckx shop to ask for any info on the bike, and someone from there finally got back to me:

Hello sir,

Sorry for the delay.
Your frame was built in 1981 as a track bike for the NY Bike Show. Eddy signed the frame on special demand of the distributor.

Kind regards

Tassignon Stef

Note: The distributor who requested the signature would have been Ochsner Imports of Chicago, the first US distributor of Merckx bikes.

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that is the most beautiful

that is the most beautiful track bike i have ever seen.

MMM sex on wheels

I ride the crap out of all my bikes, including my old Ciocc time frame. But I completely agree with hanging a bike like that on a wall. It better be a damn sexxy wall though to be blessed with that.

The wall got a lot sexier

The wall got a lot sexier with the bike on it!

One of the steepest bikes

One of the steepest bikes I've seen... do you have any idea on the geometry?

Wish I knew!

Sorry, wish I knew but I have no idea.


Nice i wish mine was in this colour...


What happened to the Columbus logo?

Dunno, happened long before

Dunno, happened long before I got the bike. Maybe it was from a workstand seat tube clamp?

Fine Bike...

I'd probably put it in a shadowbox ;)

This is the shit!!!

This is the shit!!! Beautiful!!!!

absolutely beautiful! the

absolutely beautiful! the bike is as old as me!


this bike is absolutly really should ride it but call me crazy.kudos


Yeah, it is a shame not to ride this bike, but on the other hand, I'd be devastated if I damaged it in any way...



Sweeeeeeet ride.

Imagine if the belgians made cars that hot, ferrari who???

It needs to be in an art gallery...... signed, thats like finding a picture on a bar coaster and then realising its signed by Picasso...

Lucky sonofa...

This is one of the most beautiful I've layed my eyes on... and it's signed?... craze. I happen to have pretty much this exact same ride (sans signature) in metallic steel blue. Any chance I could get some more pics? Email me: mark at sisuhome dot com I can send you pics too.

Thanks Mark! I do feel

Thanks Mark -- I do feel lucky indeed.


super hot. the hottest.


that's the kind of bicycle that makes my heart go pitter-pat. ride it often!

What a catch, where do you

What a catch, where do you ride it?

I feel a little guilty about

I feel a little guilty about it but I don't ride it...This is one for hanging on the wall.

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