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47cm MAKINO - 2007 made from oversized columbus spirit keirin, matte black - 52.5cm c-c TT

Nitto B123AA 36cm, 70mm Nitto Pearl

Columbus Aero Fork Blades, Dura Ace 1" Threaded HS

Phil Wood 32H SLR 2x to Black Velocity Fusion

Double Fixed Phil Wood 32H SLR 2x to Black Velocity Fusion

Sugino Grand Mighty's 163.5, Dura Ace Track Chain Ring 48T, HATTA BB

Selle San Marco Rolls

MKS Custom Nuevo Pedals, MKS Toeclips, TOSHI double toe straps, Toshi buttons

Phil Wood Cog

I got the frame spur of the moment. I'm a sucker for instant gratification. I threw on parts that I had laying around. Things here and there are currently being upgraded.

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bar wrap

what kind of bar wrap is that?

toe straps

you're doin it wrong.

new makino logo is sooooooo much better than the old one

just got a used frame at the makino factory a few days ago.

got my frame from stratton

got my frame from stratton too.. next time i'm in richmond i'll hit you up
maybe we can ride!

Your ride

Sweet bike, I guess intstant gratification paid off after all.


Nice build. Saw the frameset on Keirin Culture a while back. Happy riding!


My friend is Keirin Culture, and a almost 2 years ago I told him that if he ever got a hold of a tiny Makino then to call me.

yea you better start

yea you better start upgrading your parts suck!!! ;-)

really like your builD.

...oh this old thing!

Just some parts I had laying around

"sucky parts"

...yeah, i second that..

Gotta give that seatpost

Gotta give that seatpost the boot.



travsi - are you being

travsi - are you being sarcastic cause i'm pretty sure the other person is ...

sarcasm makes the world go

sarcasm makes the world go round

nice bike. did you get this

nice bike. did you get this off of yahoo japan few weeks or months ago?

I got it off my friend

I got it off my friend Stratton

Keirin Culture

I saw this one on Keirin Culture a month ago. Nice build!


It's the smallest he's ever gotten. It's still alittle big, but I'm impulsive. Didn't want to miss my chance...

I hear you

I'm a little impulsive myself, and I ended up with one of Stratton's beautiful frames, too! hehehe

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