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Nagasawa Track 50.5cm Blue Sparkle

Bike tags: Fixed gear | Araya | Bianchi | campy | concept | more tags >>
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Nagasawa C-C: 50.5cm C-T: 52.5cm Rear Spacing: 110mm

nitto jaguar pro 90mm aluminum, nitto b123 36cm wide aluminum

hatta super deluxe

Saavedra Turbo Clincher 36h Laced to NJS 100mm Sansin

Saavedra Turbo Clincher 36h Laced to NJS 110mm Sansin

Hatta 9400, DA 7600 165mm Crankset

Kashimax 4P on Nitto Jag 27.0mm Post

MKS custom nuevos w/ Kashimax sprint straps

DA 7710 49t and EAI deluxe 17t/DA 16t + DA lockrings (two)

as of 5/30/08, this bike has been parted out and the frame is someone on the west coast now =(

now also has a 80mm NJpro stem + nitto b201aa riser , kashimax tt protector, black + white grips, black turbo special

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this is what i've been

this is what i've been looking for..
i'll surely tell my friends about this :)

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hey man i love the color of your bike, i personally liked it if its a li'l darker and shiny... greatbike.

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What a cool bike
I like the style
So cool

You can gain youtube views


lights not big enough

"adriano the prince"


have you got any nagasawa frame for sale

size 54

no dent

nope sorry

nope sorry

NJS = JDM for bikes

NJS = JDM for bikes

That's one of the best Nagasawas I've seen to date




i guess

its to bad you sold it and cry on honda-tech about it

Saw this thing on the

Saw this thing on the buy/sell thread on LA fixed. Such a nice build.

small track frames never

small track frames never fail at looking perfect.

chain tensioner

beautiful bike
where did you find the chain tensioner for the 110 8mm ? thanks

damn this thing is nice

damn this thing is nice man..why do u need the FTP if u have this?.haha..

i bought the naga before the

i bought the naga before the FTP

so the question should be... why did i need the FTP ;-)

i just wanted a steel bike and an aluminum bike =)


You need some slack in that chain. :)

u need a chain ;-)

u need a chain ;-)

Perfect clearance. It'll

Perfect clearance. It'll look great with the white track grips.
Well done.

i had white soyos

i had white soyos , but they are now sold =(

i don't run a white saddle anymore.

do you have any toe overlap?

do you have any toe overlap?


none at all

damn it nate, u got me

damn it nate, u got me wanting to order a new seat. haha.
but damn for what it is its comfy...


clean bike man! JDM? u into cars too??

yea i was into cars before i

yea i was into cars before i was into these types of bikes


that's all I can say.


white track grips?

track grips

ordered black and white soyos. ON THE WAY :)


kleeeeen. can't wait to see.

kill the light

ultra bike porn shot if you lose the light on your seatpost.

light brite

ahaha yea yea. everyone keeps telling me that, and i didn't bother to take it off/i forgot... BUT i do ride it in that form while sometimes switching seats and bar combo

thanks for the compliments

ps. i love the light, it's VERY bright and i would recommend it to anyone looking into one

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