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late 80's colnago persiut frame mint condition



24" with green tubular tyre

carbon composite disc with fixated graphics wraped in 700c green tubular tyre


selle san marco, campagnolo

forte pro



It's my size. BIG RINNG. Big ups.


I got your time trialing sister hanging out at my place.
Great bike, Nice build.

oh my goodness :|

oh my goodness :|

Angles in these must be

Angles in these must be fixed



not ugly

this is not ugly. its pretty amazing in fact.

nice one..

nice one..

that's an awful large

that's an awful large chainring. Scary large. looks like it should be on the poster for Saw V

bicycle version of Batman's "The Joker"

I'm sorry but I have to say this- this bike is really ugly. But that is not necessarily a bad thing. It is definitely unique and probably hauls ass if you can reach the handlebars. Gotta love the sea foam green anodizing.

thats custom powdercoat,

thats custom powdercoat, homie. And I disagree, I think that the mint condition Colnago pursuit frame is absurdly cool, and the green compliments it well. I'm all about this bike, its got some serious class.

nice one man..

i just checked out your bike ... sick man.. i like the lace up grips .. and i need to get my hands on those clips and straps..

This is a joke, right?

This has got to be a joke, right?
I hope it's a joke.


FU MF...



Love The Bike

Public Service Announcement: The reason some of your thumbnails aren't showing up is because their names conflict with ones already in the system. If you re-upload them with a different name (add some random characters), they'll show up. Anyway, FYI.

i wish

i can see this in real life

is it possible to ride that

is it possible to ride that thing??

depends where?

its extreme styling its not a commuter, but it rides smooth only stopping is the problem!

Then throw a brake on there

and dont be even more of an idiot

there you are now.

hk fixed has a feature on the bike more pictures and press release.
check it out.


Can't wait to see more.

Please post some pictures, you're killing me smalls.

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