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Vintage Fixed         Featured Bike! on 01/4/2012

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This sick ass vintage fixed gear bike is top of the line. It's custom paint stands alone. It has the sweetest horizontal dropouts and it's gear ratio is totally capable of killing even the steepest San Francisco hills. It's also good for liesure rides, which is good because I never really leave the flat valley of the Mission. I just purchased a Kryptonite New York chain (that I like to wear around my waist) because every one knows a bike this hot is just waiting to get stolen. My top tube protector already did.

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I came to this page through your artist statement-type page:
and I really can't figure out this sentiment about fix gear bikes.
why is it that people like you have this problem with someones bike being a fashion accsesory? I ride a fixed gear bike and have done so for the last 5 years. it in fact has been my first adult bike I've ever owned. I take great pride in its appearance and I suppose I would consider it a fashion accessory. a fashion accsessory similar to say my pants, in the sense that I use it every day, several times a day. so why does any one care? I could understand if It was hurting someone or some thing but there are no downsides to people owning a bike as a fashion item, in fact there are only upsides, these people are getting exercise they wouldn't normally get, they are becoming a statistic that only benefits other cyclists and cycle advocacy programs. Is it some sort of insecurity ingrained in bike culture? you realize that cycling is not some kind of important sub-culture like graffiti or skateboarding. it dosnt take any special skill, its the same as driving a car, cooking or gardening. but you don't see professional chefs sneering at people making kraft dinner do you?

Your opinion is st00pid

Your opinion is st00pid

yeah, well, you are

yeah, well, you are st0000pider

Chris did you read his

Chris did you read his comment?

no it was too long.

no it was too long.

If I had ever seen an areospoke this size. . .

. . . I would buy it for this bike. "Little Mermaid" needs one!!

Still laughing

Gear ratio?? Or is that top secret track info?


that zero offset fork is damned sexy

Barspinz 4 dayz!

Barspinz 4 dayz!

hood gear

thats the ride i saw this homie ridin in b-more, he was like 18.



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